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Learning Diversity

Create numerous profiles to enhance your learning according to the programme and organisation you have chosen.

Practice Till Perfection!

Subject-specific question banks, NCERT solutions, and previous year’s test questions are all available.

Curriculum Mapped Learning

Enjoy learning in all directions that is coordinated with your syllabus

Test To Get Exam Ready

Try your hand at a variety of examinations, such as Trending examinations, Mock Tests, and Weekly Tests. A unique exam can also be made!

Media Rich Engaging Content

Dive into a media rich world of
learning, with 2D and 3D animations.

Insights, Summary, Recommendations

meticulous performance monitoring to produce progress reports and receive advice on areas to concentrate on.

Study Tutee provides free study material of all NCERT books , NCERT solutions, major books like (RD sharma, RS agarwal), Urdu books and Hindi books. It also provides latest CBSE syllabus, latest Sample papers and other important material like formula list. We are still working on expanding study material for students so that they can learn for free.

Our aim in study tutee is to work for benefit of students and to ensure that online learning tool are easily accessible. Our team works to ensure that students will achieve their maximum result in exams . Our website is open for improvements and we value each and every feedback. We want teachers and students should get free resources and they keep growing. We want Indians should have good education and no child should be uneducated because of lack of money for books.

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Study Tutee: Best Online Study Materials Platforms For K1 to K12, CBSE & ICSE

One of the top educational platforms in India, study tutee is credited with developing one of the most popular learning apps. Study tutee provides a highly individualised learning experience for grades 1 through 12 across the CBSE and ICSE Boards with our innovative learning platform called WAVE and our extraordinarily gifted finest teachers. Study tutee is the top choice for candidates taking competitive exams like the IIT JEE, NEET, KVPY, NTSE, IMO, and IEO because to our practical teaching approach. Study tutee also seeks to provide inexpensive online education to all regions of the nation through our #HarGharstudytutee campaign.

Our Impact

In the top ten Indian cities, studytutee is the greatest LIVE and Online Tutoring Website, and in Singapore and the Middle East, we are among the most highly regarded online Study Materials apps.

As An Education Website: Why Study Tutee Special?

The improvements in the quality of online education are the result of study tutee innovations and contributions to making education accessible and cheap. A student’s educational experience is made unique and memorable through study tutee. Here are some ways that Study tutee offers students a distinctive learning environment:

Why is Online Learning Important For Class 1 to 12 Students?

The digital era is arrived, and it is rapidly influencing how kids learn and their chances for the future. Our website encourages and assists students in making the transition from conventional learning techniques to online learning in order to maintain the pace and prepare them for the future. Our website believes that every student has specific needs that can be met from home and that, with the help of study tutee, students can become independent and lifelong learners. Our Website offers interactive online classes for students in classes 1 through 12 and takes a holistic approach to education.


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