Australia is one of the most popular countries when it comes to Good life, environment, and settlement. There are many EU Countries that Offer Job Seeker Visas. But I do want to highlight Australia Job Seeker Visa 2023 options that allow you to come without a Job offer. Did you ever think that a country like Australia would have a Visa that doesn’t require a Job offer? Australia has a thriving economy, but every country faces difficulties. Currently, they are facing with labour shortage.

I will highlight all the Job seeker visas for Australia with their application requirements, cost of Visa, and who can apply. You have to apply online and one thing I will tell you is that it needs patience and hard work. There are a lot of Jobs in Australia for Foreign Workers. Australia is looking for Nurses and you may check Nursing Jobs in Australia 2023 (50,000AUD/Year). More details about the Australia Job Seeker Visa are given below.

All You Need to Know about Australia Job Seeker Visa 2023

Sadly, there is No Fixed Term for Australia Job Seeker Visa.

But Australia does offer several types of Australian work visas without a Job offer that lets you come to Australia to search for a Job. Many people travel to Australia for Job seeking.

  • Here we will use the word “Job Seeker Visa

List of Australia Job Seeking Visas 2023

  1. Skilled – Recognised Graduate visa (subclass 476)
  2. Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)

1) Australia Subclass 476 Graduate Visa (No Job Required)

This Visa allows recent, fresh or those who have graduated in the last two years can apply for this Visa. This Visa does not require a Job offer from Australia, Work Experience, Proof of Funds, Accommodation, or anything else.

This one is the most famous work visa for Australia. The processing time is relatively high as it can take from 5 months to 1 year to make a decision on your visa.

Important Points about Australia 476 Work Visa (Job Seeking Visa)

  • Visa type: Subclass 476 Work Visa
  • Who can apply: Bachelors, Masters, PhD, Diploma, Higher Degree Qualification
  • IELTS: Yes 6 bands or PTE with at least a 50 score
  • Work Experience: Not Required
  • Job offer Required: Not Required
  • Stay Duration: up to 18 Months
  • Visa Cost: 425 AUD
  • Age: Under 31
  • Selection Criteria: Good Matric, Secondary, University Grades
    • Ask your parents to pray for you as well.

I have made a detailed post on Australia 476 Work Visa in 2023. Go read that.

I will also recommend you to Join the Australia 476 Facebook Group and check the profiles of those who got visas recently.

2) Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)

This is a point-based system that allows migrants to work and live in Australia permanently. You must have an occupation on the relevant skilled occupation list

I have explained all other Australian Visas in my previous post. Check Australian Work Visa Types 2023.

Australia Migration Plan to Attract Foreign Workers

On 9 May 2023, the Australian Government announced that the planning level for the 2023–24 permanent Migration Program will be set at 190,000 places.

This will add a solid contribution to filling up the labor shortage with skilled people. More focus on “working age” people. It helps boost participation rates and the size of the labor force.

Australia Job Posting Sites

To Find Jobs in Australia whether you are in Australia or outside Australia. Here is the One and Only Big Job Portal for Australia used by many foreigners.

  • SEEK Australia
  • Workforce Australia for individuals

Conclusion: In Conclusion, the Australia Job Seeker Visa 2023 is an ideal way to move to Australia and look for Good Job opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Australia give a Job seeker visa?

Yes. You can apply for the Subclass Australia 476 Work Visa.

What is the IELTS score for a 476 visa?

Overall score of at least 6 bands with a minimum score of 5 bands for each of the 4 parts.

Can I apply for an Australia work visa without a job offer?

Here is a List of Work Visas without Job offers for Australia:

  1. Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)
  2. Skilled Regional visa (subclass 887)
  3. Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485)
  4. Skilled – Recognised Graduate visa (subclass 476)
  5. Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489)

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