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Class 9 Editing And Omission Page 2

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In the passages given below, one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing Word along with the word that comes before and the word that comes after it in your answer sheet. Ensure that the word that forms your answer is underlined. The first one has been done as an example.


Corporate initiatives in field of                                      e.g.  in       the         field

education increasing. The effort                                  (a) _______ _______ _______ 

is not only understand the issue                                  (b) _______ _______ _______

of the local population but in use                                 (c) _______ _______ _______ 

of education as tool to address such                          (d) _______ _______ _______    

issues. Such efforts have provided the                                                                   

neglected sections society with                                    (e) _______ _______ _______

opportunities grow. There are about                             (f) _______ _______ _______

200 million children today between the ages of                                                         

6 and 14 years don’t complete the                                (g) _______ _______ _______

basic eight years elementary education.                     (h) _______ _______ _______    



A major earthquake measuring 6.8 on the

Richter scale hit Sikkim-Nepal border                           (a) _______ _______ _______

at 6.10 p.m. on September 18, 2011, killing least       (b) _______ _______ _______

18 people on both sides the border. The                      (c) _______ _______ _______

death toll is likely rise. The quake                                  (d) _______ _______ _______      

rattled Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar. It was                       (e) _______ _______ _______

felt as far away Delhi and Rajasthan.                            (f) _______ _______ _______

People in NCR rushed of buildings                                (g) _______ _______ _______

after feeling tremors.                                                       (h) _______ _______ _______


Dr Loop, the father of modern bypass

surgery was not only expert surgeon,                             (a) _______ _______ _______

but an administrator par excellence.                               (b) _______ _______ _______   

It is rare find someone who combines                            (c) _______ _______ _______    

the two as well Dr Loop did. He                                        (d) _______ _______ _______   

practised cardiothoracic surgery thirty                           (e) _______ _______ _______     

years, headed the Department of Surgery at                  (f) _______ _______ _______  

the Cleveland Clinic 1975 to 1989                                    (g) _______ _______ _______      

and turned around fortunes of this hospital.                  (h) _______ _______ _______     



A reporter was interviewing a witness about

an accident, She him if he had seen                                  (a) _______ _______ _______  

the accident taking. If he could tell                                    (b) _______ _______ _______    

her what he seen. The witness replied                              (c) _______ _______ _______    

that had seen a car coming at a                                         (d) _______ _______ _______     

very speed and hitting the scooter.                                    (e) _______ _______ _______    

The reporter asked him the scooterist                               (f) _______ _______ _______    

was driving his lane. The witness                                       (g) _______ _______ _______    

said that he was not fault.                                                    (h) _______ _______ _______


Vegetarianism promotes natural way of life.                     (a) _______ _______ _______      

But despite implicit message of universal love                 (b) _______ _______ _______     

and non-violence, it has not spread, it should have.         (c) _______ _______ _______   

This be because it usually is an inward-looking habit.     (d) _______ _______ _______       


Living on earth is rather like                                                   (a) _______ _______ _______     

being the bottom of a sea, hundreds of miles deep.         (b) _______ _______ _______

Without the atmosphere there would no people                                                                   

or animals,                                                                                (c) _______ _______ _______     

birds or fishes, trees, or plants. There would be no                                                                              

weather, winds rain.                                                                (d) _______ _______ _______


Already professional education in India proved                 (a) _______ _______ _______

accessible affordable for foreign students,                        (b) _______ _______ _______ 

especially Malaysia, the Middle East and                                                                   

South Africa.                                                                            (c) _______ _______ _______

In these countries, higher education training                                                                 

facilities limited.                                                                      (d) _______ _______ _______


Sleep also help our brain to store                                         (a) _______ _______ _______  

a newly learned activity its memory                                     (b) _______ _______ _______

bank. In study in Canada, students                                       (c) _______ _______ _______

deprived sleep after learning complex logic games,         (d) _______ _______ _______

showed a 30 per cent learning deficit when tested                                                                  

a week later compared with students not deprived of sleep.



(a) education are increasing

(b) killing at least

(c) in the use

(d) as a tool 

(e) sections of society       

(f) opportunities to grow                         

(g) years who don’t

(h) years of elementary



(a) hit the Sikkim

(b) only to understand 

(c) sides of the

(d) likely to rise   

(e) Jharkhand and Bihar

(f) away as Delhi  

(g) rushed out of  

(h) feeling the tremors



(a) only an expert

(b) but also an 

(c) rare to find

(d) well as Dr

(e) surgery for thirty

(f) years, and headed  

(g) clinic from 1975

(h) around the fortunes



(a) She asked him

(b) taking place. If 

(c) he had seen  

(d) that he had

(e) very high speed

(f) him if the  

(g) driving in his  

(h) not at fault



(a) promotes a natural 

(b) despite its implicit

(c) spread, as it  

(d) This may, be



(a) on the earth  

(b) being at the

(c) would be no  

(d) winds or rain



(a) India has proved

(b) accessible and affordable 

(c) especially from Malaysia

(d) facilities are limited   



(a) sleep may also

(b) activity in its 

(c) In a study   

(d) deprived of sleep

Class 9 Editing And Omission Page 2

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