Free Samples For Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 3

Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 3 

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Question 21. Suddenly it started raining and thunder rumbled. The animals frightened by the streaks of lightning and the roar of thunder, broke loose and began to run … Write a story in 150-200 words which can have a different beginning and end but the middle must be the same as above.

Answer.                             THE FIASCO

We went to the local Auchandi Fair at the Mela Grounds. There were live performances and even exhibitions of prized animals. The star attraction at the fair was a performance by a Bollywood playback singer. There was an animal show in the neighbouring stall, but the singer was still the largest crowd puller.

The weather was fine and the singer had everyone dancing to his lively numbers. Suddenly it started raining and thunder rumbled. The animals, frightened by the streaks of lightning and the roar of thunder, broke loose and began to run wildly all over the grounds. The elephants began trumpeting; the horses galloped and trembled in fear. The music was totally drowned in this cacophony and a stampede resulted. The orchestra deserted, and the singer was left alone on the stage. had never witnessed such a fiasco in my life. The police arrived, whisked away the singer and I restored order all around.

Question 22. You had been preparing for an interview for the last few days. You faced the interview and succeeded. Write the story in 150-200 words (Take help from the outline given) from your preparation to your success.

Outline: Interview for the post of cub reporter – facing interview board – answering questions with well prepared arguments – happy to be accepted and eager to serve.

Answer.                            MY FIRST JOB

I was scared but eager to land my first job as a cub reporter in a children’s newspaper. I dressed carefully for the interview and reached on time. On the threshold itself, my throat felt dry and my hands shook slightly as I turned the door knob. But when the interview board of six people, welcomed me warmly, my fears vanished. I felt composed as I was well prepared. The board sifted through my file of write-ups. They invited me to join a group discussion on whether schools should give homework. I argued vehemently in favour, countermanding the board’s stock suggestions about burdening children, making parents into homework writing machines and children inattentive in class. The Board seemed satisfied with my refutations in favour of giving homework In the end, I felt a palpable air of satisfaction all around. Thus, when their final approval accepting me as a cub reporter arrived, I was raring to take off on my new assignment.


Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 3

Question 23. He was fond of his grandmother. She would bathe him, give him breakfast, prepare his bag and take him to the school. While he was in the school, she sat in the temple, saying her prayers…

Complete the story in your own words. (150-200 words)

Answer.                     A LOVING RELATIONSHIP

He was fond of his grandmother. She would bathe him, give him breakfast, prepare his bag and take him to the school. While he was in the school, she sat in the temple, saying her prayers and waiting for him to finish school. On the way, the duo exchanged greetings with shopkeepers, fed stale chapattis to stray animals and talked about events both local and international. One day, he told his grandmother how they had begun learning computers at school. Grandmother was interested and wanted to learn how to send mails to her children and her relatives.

When her grandson offered to teach her, she was hesitant and said her eyes would not stand the strain of looking at a computer screen for long. But he argued that if her eyes could watch television, they were good enough to stare at a computer screen. Grandmother relented and learnt to type, manipulate the mouse and click on various icons. The thrilling moment came when she was able to send a Baisakhi greeting to her sons in the town. The flood of compliments that followed nearly crashed her computer. It was a small revolution and her grandson had made it happen.

Question 24. On the basis of the clipping shown and the outline given, write a story in 150-200 words. Outline: On way to school-chaos on main road – accident at metro construction site – scene of the accident – student volunteers help in controlling.

Answer.                            A VOLUNTEER ACT

As the school bus came on the main road, I saw a huge crowd running in our direction. The driver of our bus braked at sight of the oncoming crowd. The people were furiously waving their hands and gesturing to the driver to stop the bus. Soon a police inspector arrived and asked the bus driver to take the bus to the kerb. Inside the bus, everyone had left their seats and were craning out of the windows. On enquiry from the people nearby we learnt that there had been a major accident on one of the metro station construction sites. An under-construction bridge had collapsed and a large slab of concrete had collapsed, caving in the roof of a moving bus, causing fatalities. Before long, the sirens of ambulances screeched all around. Volunteers from nearby began to help in carrying the injured into waiting ambulances. The local minister himself joined the rescue work. Naturally, we students, could not remain inactive any longer. With the help of our teachers, we formed groups and under the direction of the local policeman, began to divert the traffic so that a traffic jam could be averted.


Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 3

Question 25. On the basis of the outline given, write a story in your own words. (150–200 words)

Outline: School fete—held annually-Ferris wheel major attraction—cancellation of Ferris wheel – last minute change-celebration as before


The much awaited annual school fete was teetering on the brink of cancellation. The venue had been taken over for holding a large book exhibition. Hence, the space for putting up the giant Ferris wheel, was unavailable.

Several alternate suggestions had been made, but we students could not be persuaded and our Principal had shelved the idea of a fete for that year. We could barely hide our disappointment, but kept hoping. On our school Sports Day the Chief of the Army Staff was the Chief Guest. When he had praised our impeccable march past, the school’s head boy gave a smart salute and asked for permission to speak. His request conceded, Ashish walked up to the mike and made a public appeal to the chief guest to hold the school fete in the military parade ground. To our surprise the Army General immediately agreed. On that memorable day, besides the games stalls and school bands, what made every schoolboy’s heart race, was the sight of the giant Ferris wheel, with squealing passengers waving merrily, as they rotated in it.

Question 26. Write a story in your own words with the help of cues mentioned in the outline. (150-200 words)

Outline: Ram Pyari – zoo jumbo caught in kheda operations – apprenticed to eldest zoo elephant Putli Bai – taught elephant ways – trumpeting contest at temple festival

Answer.                    JUMBO RAM PYARI

Ans. Ram Pyari, a 70 kg flabby baby elephant with a frisky tail and inquisitive trunk, was caught in the kheda operations. Too young to be a working elephant, Ram Pyari, was housed in a zoo under the care of elephant aunt, Putli Bai.

The elephant elder soon realized that Ram Pyari lacked training. She taught her how to hold up her little trunk in salaam, and how to trumpet tunefully. Ram Pyari would show off her trumpeting and trunk salute to visiting school children. They would clap back. When the temple festival was ongoing next door, Ram Pyari thought it was the right time to show off her trumpeting skills. As soon as the nageswaram players sounded the ritual notes, Ram Pyari sent off a loud trumpet, drowning the musical sound. The temple priests were furious and wanted to put a curse on the elephant.

Just then Putli Bai came to their rescue. She wrapped her trunk around Ram Pyari’s legs, and pushing her into a corner stood guard over her, refusing to allow the keeper to feed her. Poor Ram Pyari never repeated the mistake of teasing a human being again.


Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 3

Question 27. On the basis of the outline given, write a story in 150-200 words.

Outline: Assistant for wicked magician-thief with extraordinary power of making himself disappear-police harassed by him-cruel to assistant-reported to police-magician made police disappear but assistant and other boys come to their rescue and help arrest magician

Answer.             THE DISAPPEARING TRICK

Surprised by an ad asking for a magician’s assistant, Rahul had applied. Before long, Rahul realized that the man was a thief who used the magician’s disappearing trick to evade detection when the police arrived on the scene.

Instead of exposing the magician right away, Rahul hatched a plan. He pleaded to be taught the disappearing trick. The magician was hesitant and put Rahul to a test. He ordered Rahul to steal his mother’s gold chain. But Rahul knew that the magician would report him to his parents and then dismiss him, ruining all chances of his learning the disappearing trick. Thus when Rahul declined the task, the magician was convinced of Rahul’s sincerity and began teaching him.

When Rahul had mastered the trick, he went to the nearest police station and handed over a horde of stolen property that his master had kept for sale. When the men went to arrest the magician. he was about to perform the disappearing act on the policemen, but Rahul swung made the magician disappear. The police then conducted a thorough search of the premises, while the wicked man kept howling and pleading with Rahul to make him visible again.

Question 28.  Write a story developing the idea further given in the outline in your own words. (150-200 words)

Outline: Window display in toy shop – Diwali season – theft – alarm sounded – no clues found police non – plussed – little boy spots the difference in window display leading to arrest

Answer.                       THE LITTLE DETECTIVE

It was Diwali time and shoppers were making last-minute purchases of sweets, fruits and new clothes Children were seen shopping for toys at the newly opened computer games and toys shop. Suddenly the alarm went off and an announcement was made to control all exit gates and search all shoppers packets. Apparently the thieves had pointed a revolver at the shop assistant and made off with a diamond necklace. Though they had been spotted on the CCTV and the police had examined every inch of the mall premises, it seemed they thief had disappeared into thin air. A little boy shopping with his grandparents, was pleading with them to buy him the toy tiger because it could roll its eyes. Intrigued by the child’s remark, his grandfather had looked intently. He realized that the eyes were those of a man hiding inside the toy.

He at once alerted the police and when they rushed to the scene, the thieves emerged from their hideout and surrendered to the police. The police rewarded the little detective with a gift of the toy tiger and his grandfather bought him an extra large packet of mithai for Diwali.


Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 3

Question 29. Write a story in your own words about a clever fox who tries to deceive others because he had lost his tail. (150-200 words)

Answer.            THE FOX WHO HAD LOST HIS TAIL

A fox was once caught up in a trap. He strove hard to free himself. He escaped but lost his tail in the attempt. He felt dejected and got disappointed. He did not want to face his friends in this situation. He knew that he would become the laughing stock in the company of his friends. So, he remained in his den. Life became a burden for him. “I wish I had died than lose my tail”, said he to himself.

Time passed swiftly. Once day, however, he thought of a plan. He came out. He gathered all the foxes and held a meeting. He himself took his seat on the stump of a tree and said, “Friends, the tail we have is a burden. It is very ugly and the cause of all our troubles. Should we cut it off? This will make us look better.”

There was a loud murmur. Most of the foxes did not like the proposal but they did not utter even a single word.

Now, there got up an old fox. He was bent down with age. He had followed everything and knew what the fox was aiming at. “ May be you are right, friend,” said he “but could you please turn yourself round and let us see what sort of a tail you have?”

The fox knew that he had been caught in his own trap. Without saying a word’ he ran out and disappeared. The other foxes thanked God that they had been caught in the fox’s trap.

MORAL : Never try to be over smart, face the reality with courage.

Question 30. Write a story in your own words about a cap-seller and the monkeys along with a moral. 


It was the month of June. A cap-seller was returning from a village fair after selling sixty red caps. He had made a big profit. He was delighted. He was also putting on a red cap on his head. It was about noon. The sun was very hot. The cap-seller felt thirsty. He wanted to take a rest for a while and have his lunch. 

Near a village, he found a big shady tree. He took water from the nearby well. He had his lunch and lay down for a nap. He had a small bundle of ten unsold caps. He fell asleep very soon.

When the cap-seller was sleeping, a monkey came down the tree. It took away the bundle. It did not find eatables as there were only red caps in bundle. The monkeys tried these on their heads.

The caps- seller woke up and found the caps missing but could not find the thief. When he looked up, he found the monkeys wearing the red caps. He threw stones at them. The monkeys went higher up. He cursed them. They only chattered back. The cap-seller got frustrated and took off his own red cap and threw it on the ground in disgust. 

The monkeys imitated him and threw the caps on the ground. He quickly gathered the caps and ran away.

MORAL : Wisdom is better than weapons of war.

Class 9 Short Story Writing Page 3

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