The Republic of Croatia offers a Temporary stay for digital nomads in the country for one year. Croatia is a European Union country and also comes under a Schengen Member country. It means any person who is granted a Croatia Digital Nomad Visa can also travel and visit other Schengen countries as well. The Croatia Nomad Visa is for non-EU/EEA citizens who are employed or perform work through communication technology.

A Digital Nomad can work for a company or run his own company that is not registered in the Republic of Croatia. A digital Nomad is allowed to work from anywhere online. Such as Vloggers, Youtubers, Freelancers, and Bloggers, Consultants, or remote employees. In this post, we will discuss its eligibility requirements, tax requirements, the application process, and the advantages of this program.

Details About Croatia Digital Nomad Visa

  • Eligibility: This program is for non-EU/EEA citizens.
  • Stay Duration: Live in Croatia for up to a year. You can submit a new application for another temporary stay visa 6 months after your first one expires.
  • For whom: Work remotely for a company outside of Croatia (including your own business)
  • Tax Benefits: Exempt from paying Croatian income tax on foreign earnings
  • Explore Europe: Enjoy Croatia’s Schengen Area access for travel.
  • Affordable: Relatively low cost of living compared to other parts of Europe.
  • Family members can also Join.

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  • Valid passport (valid for 3 months beyond your stay)
  • As of (24th March 2024) Proof of income of at least 2,539.31 EUR per month (or €30,471 in bank balance)
  • Valid health insurance covering Croatia
  • Proof of accommodation (lease agreement)
  • Clean criminal background check

Tax Benefits

Just like the Romania Digital Nomad Visa, you will get an Exemption from Double Taxation. Croatia allows you to be exempted from double taxation. If you are already paying taxes in your country then you are exempt from paying taxes in Croatia, because you are not working for a Croatian employer.

Road to Citizenship

If you reside in Croatian territory for five years on a Nomad Visa, you will be eligible for permanent residency which then enables Croatian citizenship eligibility.

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List of Documents Required

  • Your valid passport
  • Proof of health insurance for the period that you plan to be in Croatia.
  • Provide Proof that you are a Digital Nomad and can work remotely.
  • Clear criminal record certificate.
  • Temporary place of residence in Croatia
  • A bank statement showing your income, bank balance, payment proof, salary slips, and income proof.

How to Apply for the Croatia Temporary Stay for Digital Nomads?

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose the Application Method from these Two

Applications for the Croatian digital nomad visa can be made online or in person through a Croatian embassy or consulate.

If you are submitting your application in person but require a visa, you can submit it at the embassy or consulate of the Republic of Croatia (see list of diplomatic missions/consular posts)

Step 2: Complete and Submit your Application

Complete Form 1a (available in Croatian and English) and submit it along with all required documents either online, at a Croatian embassy or consulate. You will have to apply for a Category D visa. All other information about visas is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. (Select your country).

Step 3: Pay Visa Fees

Pay the required fees, which vary depending on where you apply.

Step 4: Wait for Approval

You will receive an email or a letter informing you of the decision. If your application is approved. Congratulations. You can now Travel to Croatia.

Step 5: Register Temporary Residence

Upon arrival in Croatia, register your temporary residence address at the local police administration/station within three days.

Cost Associated with Croatia Digital Nomad Visa

If the application is submitted at a diplomatic mission/consular post:

  • Granting Temporary Stay: 55.74 EUR
  • Long-term visa (visa D): 93.00 EUR
  • Biometric Residence Card: 41.14 EUR

If the application is submitted at a police administration/police station (For those who are already in Croatia)

  • Granting Temporary Stay: 46.45 EUR
  • Biometric Residence Card: 59.73 EUR
  • Biometric Residence Permit: 9.29 EUR

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Website of a Ministry of Interior for a Croatia Nomad Visa

It’s advisable to refer to the latest official resources from the Croatian Ministry of Interior for the most up-to-date application process and requirements.


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