A Step-by-Step Guide on obtaining a France Long Stay Visa who wish to enter France and remain there for more than three months. To come to France for professional purposes and stay longer than 90 days you need to apply in advance for a long-stay Visa. In this post, I will guide you through the France Work Visa Process. In 2022, France has issued 320,000 first work permits. There has been an increase of 30%.

France is a member of the EU and comes in a Schengen state. Applicants from non-EU/EEA countries will need a work permit and a visa to legally travel and work in France. Normally people apply for a Job seeker Visaseasonal visa, salaried employment Visa, self-employed visa, or business Visa. In this article, we’ll tell you about the process of applying for a French work visa after your employer has secured a work permit for you.

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Types of France Work Visas

Engaging in professional activity in France depends on the type of visa, duration, whether you are self-employed, an employee, a Job seeker, etc. Different types of French Work Visas are available. All French Work Visas are long-stay visas that allow you to stay for more than 90 days.

1) France Business Visa

This Visa is required for the one who received an invitation from their partners in France to come. Also, you can apply for this Visa if you want to attend or participate in trade fairs, seminars, or conferences related to your professional activity.

You will be issued a short-stay visa. It will allow you to visit France for the duration of your visit, which must not exceed 90 days.

2) France Job Search/Job Seeking Visa

This Visa is for those who are looking for employment opportunities in France. To Get this Visa an applicant must have completed a degree or diploma from France and who want to return to France to seek employment or set up a business, within four years of their graduation.

You will receive a long-stay visa serving as a residence permit (VLS-TS) marked “Job Search/Business Creation”

3) France Salaried Employement Visa

This is the most common type of French work visa issued to qualified applicants who are hired by a French company/employer. You must present a contract/job offer letter.

Your employer will get an Authorization to work permit from the French authorities.

The Salaried employment Visa is applied to:

  • Paid employees and internal transfers
  • Recruitment of employees and seasonal workers
  • Teaching Activities
  • Airline Crew
  • Internships
  • Model or assistant
  • Medical Profession
  • Seasonal Workers (You can be hired as a “travailleur saisonnier” (seasonal worker) i.e. a job linked to seasonal requirements such as tourism and agriculture to work in France for up to six months.

4) Self employed person or liberal activity

This Visa is for those who want to create or participate in a commercial, industrial, artisanal, or agricultural activity or work in a liberal profession in France.

You will be issued with a long-stay visa, equivalent to a (VLS/TS) residence permit marked “entrepreneur/profession libérale

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Visa Duration

All France Long Stay visas will be issued for one year. It can be renewable as well.

Visa Cost

The Application Fee for the France Long Stay Visa is 99 euros.

France Work Visa Requirements

  • If you received a Job offer letter, ask your employer to apply for the work permit.
  • Wait for the Authorization to Work.
    • Your employer will apply for the Authorization to work on your behalf.
  • Apply for the France Long Stay Visa at the French Embassy or VFS Global.
  • Apply for the French Residence Permit Online.
    • Once you arrive in France, you will need to apply for a residence permit within 2 months.

How to Apply for the France Work Visa?

  • Step 1: Gather the information on your situation. Use this Visa Wizard and see what type of visa is for you.
  • Step 2: Fill out the Online Application. Fill out the visa application form
  • Step 3: Book your appointment. Make an appointment with the visa application center.
  • Step 4: Submit your application. Go to the Visa appointment center.
  • Step 5: Biometrics. All visas issued by France are biometric visas.

Important Useful Links

  • From (Here) you can make an online Visa application and understand how the process works.
  • From (Here) you can read the necessary details on the Residence permit after arriving in France.
  • From (Here) you can select the Work Visa type under a “Professional Purpose” Tab.

If you need help, kindly visit this website for more information and the application process for the France work visa depending on your nationality.


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