The Greece employment visa is issued to work in Greece for longer than three months. It is Valid for at least one year, renewable annually. This allows you to work full-time for any legal employer in Greece. Greece has seen a rise in work visas in recent years. As a non-European national you need a work permit, a Greece Long-stay visa, or Greece D Visa which authorizes you to enter Greece. and a Greece residence permit for employment in Greece.

The Greece employment visa comes under a Long Stay Visa. Nationals of the European Union Member Countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland do not need a visa for Greece. Nationals of all other countries will apply for the Visa at the nearest Greek embassy in their country. More details about the application process are given below.

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About Greece Employment Visa

The Greece employment visa allows you to engage in paid activities. This includes researchers, highly qualified workers, working in a company, and seasonal employees.

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Conditions for Non-Europeans

  • Required: A Job offer is required from the Greek employer.
  • Required: National visa for employment.
  • Required: Residence permit for employment.

Greece Employment Visa Requirements

  • A valid contract letter from the employer stating the position and monthly or annual salary.
  • A tax certificate where it is evidenced that the employer can pay this remuneration.
  • Qualifications: Proof of academic credentials and/or professional experience relevant to the job.
  • Medical insurance for one year.
  • Financial means: Show sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay.
  • Visa application fee: Paid to the Greek Embassy or Consulate.

Additional requirements might include:

  • Police clearance certificate
  • Photographs
  • Travel history details
  • Language proficiency tests (depending on the job)

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Application Procedure for Greece Long Stay (D Visa)

The step-by-step application process for the Greece work visa includes:

  1. You must have a Job offer.
  2. Your employer will apply for a work permit on your behalf.
  3. Schedule a Visa Appointment at the nearest Greek Embassy
  4. You must apply for a type D visa at the embassy or consulate in your country of origin
  5. Residence permit: Upon arrival, and before your visa expires, you must apply for a residence permit as an employed worker.

Visa Cost

  • Greece Long Stay type D Visa: €180
  • Residence Permit Cost: a fee of €300

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Duration and Validity

A national visa (type D) for Greece is usually valid for one year. Residence permits to work as an employed worker are valid for two years and can be renewed for three years.

How Expensive Greece is?

Compared to many Western European countries, Greece is generally considered cheap to live in. Here’s a breakdown of some typical monthly expenses in Greece:

  • Accommodation: €400-€800 (renting an apartment)
  • Groceries: €200-€300
  • Utilities: €100-€150
  • Transportation: €50-€100 (public transport)

Website Link for Greece Visa Information

Select your country from the list of embassy or consulate in your country of origin, then go to services, and then find the visa information.


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