Indian education system

The year 2020, is not the best but a year that brought many changes not only in our lifestyle but also in our education system. Online classes and students’ reluctance to not go to school highlights Indian education that the ongoing pandemic has changed the world as we know it. While the whole world is discussing the issues of vaccines, the spread of covid, the impact of economies, frozen lives are stagnating, the education sector seems to be beset with all other problems.

Indian Education System in 2021

It has hindered the already broken Indian education system.

This has hampered the already broken Indian education system.

Here are 5 ways the pandemic has negatively affected education:

1)    Online education has made students, passive learners:

Online learning posed great challenges in a country like India where even offline learning poses tons of challenges, a place where not all children have easy access to education. The Indian education system was not even prepared for the online medium the courses and the study material was not designed in that way.  Once the online format was presented in front of the students, they lost interest in it. Students refrain from studying accompanied by chronic absenteeism.

2)     Online education isn’t easily accessible:

The situation is even direr in remote areas, most of the population does not have access to the internet and other facilities. Internet is still not reliable in many rural or to some extent urban areas. Not only are internet facilities unequally accessible but so are the tools and other tools and resources needed for digital learning. It did not make online education easily accessible and made access to digital education impossible for the underprivileged. All this is also reflected in the digital gap of the country. Learning and development have been hindered and hindered for most students.

3)    An increase in screen time affects the mental health of students:

Students have not only become complacent while adapting to the online mode of learning but due to the larger spans of screen time, it makes them feel dull. Colleges and schools have been pressurizing students to submit the never-ending assignments which are leading cause of anxiety in students these days. Students are constantly under pressure and stress to submit assignments which impacts the overall mental and physical health of the child.

4)    Teachers not skilled enough to take online classes:

It is also a major challenge for teachers due to a lack of training and experience in online modes of training. Teachers were also not ready for online training as most of them were not very familiar with the technological developments. Modules, lesson plans, notes, lecture styles were also not designed for such a medium.

A multi-pronged approach is needed to ensure that every child has easy access to online education.

This can be done in the following ways:

1)  There is a need to provide resources to the students for easy access to online education.

2)    Teachers should be provided with adequate training and support.

3)  Internet facilities need to be promoted and made reliable.

4)  Extra-curricular activities also need to be a part of the online mode of education.

5)  Schools and colleges should not put more burden of assignments on the students.

6)  Learning modules and lessons need to be redesigned and rebuilt.

7)  Students should be given projects that unleash their creative juices.

In these difficult times, there is a need to democratize education with an online education system with extraordinary potential. To achieve this, companies in the education sector need to come together and collaborate for easier and easier access to education. So that every child can get a quality education.
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Synopsis: The pandemic has posed great challenges to education in India. It also reflects the digital divide within the country. With some modifications, the system can be revamped to strengthen online learning.