Ireland is a beautiful country and a part of the European Union. Ireland is attached to England. So, people who have a Valid UK visa can also visit Ireland. In this post, we will discuss the Ireland Work Visa Process 2023 and which one is the Right Irish work permit for you. Ireland faced the worst shortage of workers. In 2022 the Irish Govt has issued 40,000 work permits. 1,867 work permits have been issued in 2023.

Most work permits are issued to India, Pakistan, Egypt, Philippines, Brazil, China, Nigeria, Malaysia, and much more. Ireland welcomes people from all around the world. In this post, I will also tell you the number of Work permits by Irish companies. So you will have an idea that which Irish companies sponsor work Visas. More details ate below.

Guide to Ireland Work Visa Process 2023

The Ireland Work permit and Ireland work visa, both are different. You have to first apply for the Ireland work permit first. Then you can apply for the Ireland Work Visa.

  • A work visa issued by the Irish government allows you to travel to Ireland and work there.
  • A work permit issued by the Irish Department of Enterprise, Trade, and Employment (DETE) allows you to work in a specific job in Ireland.

Types of Ireland Work Permits

Ireland offers nine different kinds of employment work permits. But we will discuss five main Irish work permits. A short description of each permit type is given below with the link to the relevant work permit type for more detailed information.

1) Critical Skills Employment Permit

This is the most common and popular type of Ireland employment work permit. The Critical Skills Employment Permit is targeted to highly qualified applicants with the aim of encouraging them to take up permanent residence in Ireland.

See the list of the Occupations that are eligible for the Critical Skills Employment Permit. A Labour Market Needs Test is not required.

Basic Requirements for Ireland Critical Skills Employment Permit

  • The Occupation must be listed in the Critical Skills Occupations List.
  • The job offer must be of 2 years duration.
  • The minimum salary requirement for a work permit is €30,000 per year.
  • Learn more about the Critical Skills Employment Permit.

2) Ireland General Employment Permit

In the General employment permit, all types of occupations are eligible. This General Employement permit is offered to the 3rd country’s nationals for occupations that are experiencing a labor or skills shortage.

3) Dependant/Partner/Spouse Employment Permits

These types of permits are issued to the dependents of the Critical Skills Employment Permit holder.

4) Intra-Company Transfer Employment Permit

This permit is issued to the one who wants to transfer to the Irish branch of a company they are already employed in.

5) Internship Employment Permit

This permit is designed for non-EU nationals who are currently enrolled in a College, University outside Ireland as a full- time students, studying in a discipline relevant to the occupations included on the Critical Skills Occupations List to come to Ireland and gain experience.

How to Take up Permanent Residency in Ireland

The Employment permit is generally issued for two years. You can renew it for three years. After 5 years, the applicant may apply for Permanent Residency in Ireland from the Immigration Service Delivery (ISD).

Requirements to Get Ireland Work Permit

  • The first thing is to apply for the Job in Ireland. You must have a Job offer.
  • After that, your employer will apply for the work permit, and they will do all the processing.
  • If you are applying for a Critical Skills Employment Permit your minimum annual salary must be at least €30,000
  • If you are applying for a General Employment Permit, your minimum annual salary must be at least €30,000.

Find Employment, and Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Ireland

Cost Covered by the Employer

If you get a Job in Ireland your employer will pay for the immigration Fee, Plane Ticket, insurance, and all work done by the employer.

This list contains the names of the companies, the work visas issued by nationality, and by sector. You will get an idea.

Ireland Work Permit Application Process 

The Ireland Work Permit Process and the Guide have been maintained by the Govt of Ireland.

To Get the details on the Visa application process kindly Visit: https://enterprise.gov.ie/en/what-we-do/workplace-and-skills/employment-permits/permit-types/

It lists all types of work permits. Open the type of permit that you need. It has all the application processes inside.

Ireland Work Visa Process 2023

Now if you have a Job, you got a Job, and you have a work permit. You can apply for the Ireland Work Visa. You can apply for Visa from Ireland Embassy or VFS Global.

Please check with the embassy of Ireland about the Documents required for the Ireland Work Visa.

Who does not need an Ireland Work Permit?

As Ireland is a part of the European Union. EU/EEA/Swiss nationals can freely move to Ireland and take up employment, without the need of prior authorization.

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