Study Anywhere, Anytime, at Your Own Pace with IU International University of Applied Sciences! In today’s digital age, online education is more popular than ever. IU is dedicated to providing the best education experience for its students. Founded in 1998, IU’s goal is to offer high-quality education that’s recognized worldwide and can be accessed from anywhere. With over 20 years of experience, they’ve grown into Germany’s largest university, with over 100,000 students and alumni from 153+ countries.

What sets IU apart is its digital learning platform, which uses AI technology called ChatGPT/Syntea. This AI-powered platform gives you personalized feedback, 24/7 support, and opportunities for social learning. It’s an advanced way to learn online, and IU is the first German university to use AI like this.

IU University 675 Scholarship – Apply Now

And there’s more good news! IU now offers scholarships of up to 67% for online degrees. So, if you’re looking for a scholarship opportunity, this is a great option.


Here are some of the Bachelor’s & Master’s degrees you can study at IU:

International Health Care Management (Bachelor | Master): In this program, you’ll learn about healthcare management, which is a field that’s constantly evolving due to medical and technological advances. You’ll gain knowledge in both business and healthcare, making you well-prepared for a career in the international healthcare industry.

Applied Artificial Intelligence (Bachelor | Master):  This program is all about artificial intelligence and how it’s used in various applications. You’ll learn about UI/UX, machine learning, robotics, software development, and more, making you a valuable candidate for AI technology companies.

Business Administration (Bachelor | Master): Business is all about being adaptable and having diverse skills. IU’s program in business administration equips you with the knowledge you need to work in various roles and industries worldwide, from startups to large corporations.

Computer Science (Bachelor | Master):  The field of computer science is constantly changing. IU’s program will prepare you to work in areas like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Digital Development, and more. You’ll also learn about related topics like Project Management and IT Law.

One great thing about IU is that 94% of their students find jobs within three months of graduating. So, if you study at IU, you’re on the path to a successful career. IU offers 100% online degrees, from application to graduation, all powered by their custom-made AI learning partner. It’s a convenient and modern way to earn your degree.

So, if you’re ready to start your educational journey, consider studying at IU International University of Applied Sciences.


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