Fruit Picker Jobs are ideal for students, travelers, and workers seeking temporary employment. It is a type of Seasonal work consisting of agriculture farming, construction, and tourism activities. Such as harvesting fruits, Picking fruits, packing fruits/vegetables, dairy farm work. This activity is quite popular in many countries. So, in this post, I will mention the List of Countries offering Work Visas for Fruit Pickers commonly known as seasonal work visas.

Many farms offer on-site accommodation and meals, and workers can earn around $15-20 per hour. Canada offers Airfare, Accommodation, and all support to foreign workers who are coming on the agriculture program. This profession doesn’t require any academic qualification. If you are interested, I have given a list of countries that offer fruit picker visas, their benefits, and essential details about visas.

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List of Countries Offering Work Visas for Fruit Pickers in 2024

Below I have given the name of the country, the visa name that is available for seasonal Jobs, the of visas (if available), and the website link.

1) United States

  • Visa Name: US H2A Agriculture Visa
  • No of Visas: N/A
  • Activity Type: planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops
  • Benefits: Attorney or agent fees, Application fees, and Recruitment costs paid by the employer.
  • Website Link: Visit Here

2) Canada

  • Program Name: Temporary Foreign Agricultural Worker Program
  • Visa Type: Agriculture Worker
  • No of Visas: N/A
  • Activity Type: Farm Workers, Vegetables, Fruit Picker, Agriculture, Horticulture
  • Benefits: Transportation, Health Insurance, and Accommodation covered by the employer.
  • Website Link: Visit Here

3) United Kingdom (UK)

  • Visa Name: UK Seasonal Worker Visa
  • No of Visas: 45,000 for horticulture and 2,000 for poultry
  • Activity Type: Horticulture, and Poultry sectors.
  • Website Link: Visit Here

4) New Zealand

  • Visa Name: Recognized Seasonal Employer Limited Visa, and Working Holiday Visa
  • No of Visas: 19,500 9(fixed quota)
  • Activity Type: Planting, maintaining, harvesting, and packing crops.
  • Website Link: Visit Here

5) Australia

  • Visa Name: PALM scheme and Working Holiday Visa
  • No of Visas: N/A
  • Activity Type: agriculture
  • Website Link: Visit Here

6) Japan

  • Visa Name: Japan Specified Skilled Workers
  • No of Visas: N/A
  • Activity Type: agriculture, Nursing, Fishery and Aquaculture, Accommodation etc.
  • Website Link: Visit Here

List of Countries in Europe that offer Seasonal Worker Visas

Here’s a list of some European countries offering seasonal worker visas for fruit and vegetable picking, along with details on their programs and types of jobs available:

1) Lithuania 

  • Visa Name: Seasonal Work Permit
  • Activity Type: Agriculture and forestry, Tourism and hospitality, Construction and manufacturing, Cleaning and other services
  • Website Link: Visit Here

2) Portugal 

  • Visa Name: Temporary stay visa for seasonal work
  • Activity Type:
    • Agriculture, including livestock, hunting, forestry, fishing
    • Hospitality, restaurants
    • Food and liquor industries
    • Wholesale and retail commerce
    • Construction
    • Land transport
  • Website Link: Visit Here

3) Belgium

  • Visa Name: Belgium Seasonal Worker Permit
  • Website Link: Visit Here

4) Malta

  • Visa Name: Malta Seasonal Worker
  • Website Link: Visit Here

5) Slovakia 

  • Visa Name: Slovakia Seasonal Visa
  • Activity Type: Agriculture, forestry, fishing, industrial production, construction, accommodation, and catering services.
  • Website Link: Visit Here

6) Italy

Italy has a long history of providing seasonal visas to non-Europeans. It works on a quota system which is fixed annually.

  • Visa Name: Italy seasonal Visa
  • No of Visas: 89,050
  • Website Link: Visit Here

7) France 

  • Visa Name: Travailleur Saisonnier” (seasonal worker)
  • Activities:
    • Fruit and vegetable pickers, farmers
    • Ski instructors
    • Hotel staff such as cleaners, guards,
    • Restaurant staff
    • Campsite staff
    • Lifeguards
  • No of Visas:
    • 88,200 farmers, agricultural.
    • 149,100 for winegrowers, arboriculturists, and crop pickers.
    • Website Link: Visit Here

Many European countries offer similar programs for fruit pickers and farmers like Spain, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Finland, and much more. I will try to cover each one of them in detail in the upcoming days.

You have to do some research on that. Seasonal jobs and harvest times can differ depending on the fruit and region. When choosing a program, consider factors like living conditions, wages, and worker rights.

List of Popular Websites to Find Fruit Picker Jobs

  • Australia & New Zealand: SEEK, Agri Labour Australia (SEEK is very popular)
  • Canada: Job Bank (Largest Portal to find Jobs in Canada)
  • Europe: EURES
  • USA: Department of Labor, H-2A Temporary Agricultural Workers Program, USAJOBS.ORG

I hope this helps you land your dream seasonal job! So this was a little effort on my part to collect a List of Countries Offering Work Visas for Fruit Pickers in 2024. All this information is verified and authorized. I have provided the links to all official websites.


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