Lithuania is a European country with a population of just 2.8 Million (as of February 27, 2024). The applications are open to apply for the Lithuania State Scholarship 2024-2025. This is the Financial aid program offered by the Lithuanian government to foreign students which includes full time master studies, short term studies like 1-2 semesters in Lithuanian Universities. The Lithuania State Scholarship will cover the full tuition fee and Living expenses.

In recent years more and more foreigners have been coming to Lithuania for work and studies. In the summer of 2022, 145 118 foreigners lived in Lithuania. Source: Choose Lithuania. There are many working opportunities in Lithuania. International students have the right to work while studying in Lithuania as long as they are enrolled in a university. After graduating international students can stay in the country for 15 months to look for a job. More details about the Lithuania State Scholarship 2024-2025 are given below.

About Lithuania State Scholarship 2024-2025

  • Host Country: Lithuania
  • Scholarship Duration: 1-2 Semesters (Short Term)
  • Who can Apply: Non-Europeans
  • Deadline: 15th April 2024

Why Lithuania?

  • Lithuania is a modern northern European country and a member of the European Union.
  • Over 600 study programs are taught in English.
  • Internationally recognized diplomas.
  • Affordable living and great value for money.
  • Working opportunities during studies and a possibility to stay in the country for 15 months afterward to look for a job.

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1) Scholarships for Short-Term Studies

The call for applications for 2024-2025 short-term studies is open until 15th April 2024.

  • Type of scholarship: 2024-2025 academic year short-term (1-2 semesters) studies
  • Number of scholarships: up to 35
  • Institute: The studies can be arranged in any Lithuania Higher Education Institute.
  • Eligible Countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, China, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Laos, Malaysia, Moldova, Mongolia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, Republic of South Africa, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, the USA, Vietnam.
  • Foreigners of Lithuanian origin (from all foreign countries).

2) Scholarships for Lithuanian Short-Term Studies

The call for applications for 2024-2025 Lithuanian short-term studies is open until 15th April 2024.

  • Number of scholarships: up to 45
  • Eligible Countries: Any Country
  • Type of scholarship: Short-term (1-2 semesters) Lithuanian studies (at least 50% of the subjects are related to Lithuanian studies).

Applicants are required to choose their study program in such a way that at least 50% of the subjects are related to Lithuanian studies, which might include subjects such as Lithuanian philology, linguistics, literature, Lithuanian history, ethnology folklore, etc.

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Financial Benefits

Students of all fields from foreign countries are eligible to apply for Lithuanian state scholarships. The scholarship covers:

  • Tuition fees are covered.
  • All candidates will receive a monthly scholarship of 825 EUR to cover Living expenses.
  • Also, most Lithuanian universities offer scholarships from their funds to students.

Work in Lithuania

International students can do a Part-time Job to cover their other expenses. They are allowed to work up to 40 hours per week. From here you can find student Jobs.

Eligibility Criteria

The candidate has to receive an official approval of acceptance (Conditional Agreement) from the chosen Lithuanian higher education institution.

How to Apply for the Lithuania State Scholarship?

The application and the Documents must be submitted through the online application system. As a non-European, you must apply for a National Visa (D) and a Temporary Residence Permit. You must apply for a National visa (D) before you come to Lithuania and for a Temporary Residence Permit.

The official link to the scholarship is given below. Also Read FAQs



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