In recent years more and more foreign workers have been coming to Lithuania looking for work. EU/EEA citizens do not need a Lithuania Work Visa. However people from third-country nationals need to obtain a work permit, a long-term work visa, and a residence permit in Lithuania. The Government of Lithuania is giving an arrival allowance of EUR 3,444 for Relocating. Once your employer offers you a Job, they will apply for your work permit on your behalf.

The Work permit for employment in Lithuania is one of the most common work visas. To work in Lithuania an applicant must obtain a work permit. Lithuania is a very small European country with only 2.8 million population. If you are interested in working in Lithuania get to know what type of work visas are there, and how you can apply.

Why Lithuania Needs Foreign Workers?

  • Lithuania is a country where the population is decreasing daily. Check the Chart of Lithuania’s Population on Google.
  • It is a very small European country with a total population of 2.801 million people.
  • Lithuania is a land of opportunities and it is one of the hubs of the IT Sector with a lot of IT Jobs with Visa sponsorship and high salaries.
  • Alot of Jobs are available and the safest country.
  • Lithuania gained independence in 1990, and Joined European Union in 2004.
  • All rich people left Lithuania and migrated to other countries.
  • Relaxed life.

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Types of Lithuania Work Visas

  • Work visa for highly skilled workers (EU Blue Card)
  • Work permit for employment in Lithuania
  • Work visa for intra-company transfers.
  • Seasonal work visa.

1# Work visa for highly skilled workers (EU Blue Card) 

To obtain an EU Blue Card for Lithuania.

  • You have a higher education.
  • You have at least five years of professional experience
  • You should have a Job offer from a Lithuanian employer.
  • Your profession should be listed in the list of high-skilled qualifications which is lacking in Lithuania.

2# Work permit for employment in Lithuania (Popular one)

This is the most common type of work permit in Lithuania. If you have successfully received a job offer from Lithuania, your employer needs to apply for a work permit. If you receive a work permit, you must apply for a long-stay national D visa and enter the country.

3# Intra-Company Transfer Visa

You can apply for this type of Visa if your company is sending you to another branch which is in Lithuania.

4# Seasonal Work Visa

A seasonal work permit for Lithuania is only issued if:

  • There is no suitable Lithuanian employee available.
  • You will work under an employment contract.
  • You have a place of residence in Lithuania.
  • Seasonal work is part of the list of jobs available at the Seasonal Work approved by the Minister of Social Security and Labor.

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Benefits of Living and Working in Lithuania 

  • 98% Visa Success Rate
  • The Govt will Pay an Arrival allowance of EUR 3,444.
  • 98% Job Guarantee
  • You will get a Green Card Residency.

Lithuania Work Visa Process

To apply for a Lithuania work visa, you must:

  • Job offer: Have a Job offer from Lithuania
  • Work Permit: Have an approved work permit (this part will be done by your employer)
  • Have a Decision on the compliance of foreign work with labor market needs. This document is valid for up to two years. Based on this document, a foreigner can apply for a residence permit in Lithuania.
  • Locate the Nearest Embassy: Once you have a Job or a work permit you can apply for the long stay national visa at your country’s nearest embassy/consulate. Locate the Lithuanian embassy or consulate
  • Obtain all the documents, including the visa application form.
  • Collect a Visa: Wait for the answer and receive your visa.
  • Obtain a residence permit in Lithuania: The foreigner can only start working after obtaining a residence permit.

Processing Time

The Lithuania Long Stay National Visa will be issued to you within 15 days.

Duration of Visa and Work Permit

Work permits are usually issued for one year, and they can be renewable. It allows a foreigner to apply for a national work visa. National visas are issued for no more than 1 year.

Lithuania Citizenship

After five years, you can obtain a permanent residence permit and Lithuanian citizenship.

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Lithuania Work Visa Requirements

You will need the following documents when you apply for the Lithuania work visa:

  • Long-stay visa application form
  • A mediation (invitation) letter, Job contract.
  • A valid passport
  • The work permit
  • Bank Statement
  • Health insurance
  • Proof of no criminal record

Visa Cost

Applicants for a national visa shall pay a visa fee of EUR 140. The visa application is completed online through the system of the Migration Department (MIGRIS). A list of required documents can be found here.

  • For more information on Long Stay Visas: Visit Here

Websites to Find Jobs in Lithuania

Lithuania’s most popular job sites:

  • Work in Lithuania
  • CV online
  • CV market
  • CV bankas
  • Voodoosales
  • Start up CV
  • CV.lt
  • Scobo

Lithuania Employment Agencies

These employment agencies cooperate with large companies in Lithuania:

  • Alliance for Recruitment
  • Manpower
  • Strategic Staffing Solutions
  • Simplika
  • Biuro
  • Info
  • Headex

Arrival Allowance in Lithuania

To attract highly qualified professionals to Lithuania and to compensate them for the cost of returning/moving from abroad the Lithuanian government grants an Arrival Allowance of EUR 3,444


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