Generally, you dont need to apply for a Visit Visa if you are coming to Maldives from any country for tourism for up to 30 days. Maldives Tourist Visa is on arrival for all nationals. But if you are coming to Maldives for employment then you have to apply for a work Visa. If you are starting your own business in the Maldives like Water activities, Hotel Jobs, or Restaurant business then you need to apply for a business visa.

A Maldives Work Visa is a permit issued for a foreigner to stay in Maldives for employment. A business Visa is a temporary multiple-entry visa issued to a foreign national intending to stay in the Maldives for business purposes. Your work visa application will be processed in 48 hours. Let us tell you the types of visas and the requirements.

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Types of Maldives Work Visas

  • Maldives Work Visa
  • Maldives Business Visa

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1) Work Visa for Maldives

A foreign national may stay in the Maldives for employment purposes. This requires the individual to have a valid work permit from the Ministry of Economic Development.

2) Business Visa for Maldives

The Maldives business visa is a type of visa that allows a foreign national to enter the country for business-related activities.

Entry Requirements for Work Visa

  • Your passport (At least 1 Year validity).
  • A valid Entry Pass not exceeding 90 days from the date of arrival.
  • Travelers should provide the same passport mentioned in the Work Permit.
  • Copy of the Employment Approval
  • A recent passport-size picture of you.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate, if applicable.

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How to Apply for the Maldives Work Visa?

The work visa is issued once the employee obtains a work permit issued by the Ministry of Economic Development.

Your employer or the representative shall submit the visa application for the applicant. The following documents are required:

  1. Passport of the employee.
  2. Passport size photo according to the photo standard and must be a recent photo).
  3. Medical health screening report of the employee issued from a Hospital/Clinic authorized by the relevant government authority, if required.
  4. Submission Receipt of IM29 form (Generated from Xpat System), this is an online visa service.
  5. When your visa application is in “Ready for Submission State” in the online Xpat System, your employer should create an appointment to submit the passport for the visa.

Difference Between Maldives Work Permit and Work Visa

  • Work Permit is an approval issued by the Ministry of Economic Development for employment in the Maldives.
  • Work Visa is a permission granted by Maldives Immigration that allows foreigners to live and work in the Maldives after they have acquired a work permit.

Visa Cost

The Cost of the Maldives Work Visa is MVR50

Processing Time

The Visa application will be processed in 48 hours.

Official Website

The Maldives Immigration Department has created a video and described the application process for submitting an online application for the Maldives Work Visa.

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