Malta allows non-EU nationals to carry out seasonal work in Malta. Malta is a popular country in Europe and each year Millions of tourists Visit Malta. Summers are the peak season for seasonal workers. In this post, I will guide you about the Malta Seasonal Work Visa Process 2023. To attract foreign workers and boost the economy malta has also started some Good programs that include Nomad residency, and startup residency.

The average Salary of a seasonal worker in Malta is from 1000 Euros to 1200 Euros. If you do overtime you can earn up to 2000 Euros Monthly. To carry out seasonal work in Malta you need a Single Work permit application, a residence permit, and a National Long Stay Visa. All details, the application process, and requirements for the Malta Seasonal Work Visa Process 2023 are given below.

Details About Malta Seasonal Work Visa Process 2023

  • Job Country: Malta
  • Visa Type: National Long Stay Visa (Type D)
  • Permit Type: Single Work Permit
  • Who can Apply: Non-Europeans

What is the Identity Malta Agency?

The Identity Malta Agency (IMA) is the government agency responsible for issuing and managing Visa applications.

Who Does Not Need a Visa?

Citizens of EU/EEA Countries do not need any work permit for Malta.

Required Permit for Malta Seasonal Work Visa?

Single Work Permit: If you are going to stay for longer than 90 days you need to apply for a Single Work permit.

If you wish to apply for employment as a seasonal worker, you must submit a Single Work permit application with the Identity Malta Agency. (The application can also be submitted by the Maltese employer who offered you a Job).

Required Visa for Malta Work

After the work permit, you will apply for the Malta National Long Stay (D) Visa. This Visa is for those who are going to stay for more than 90 days.

How Long You Can Stay?

An applicant can work and Stay in Malta for the duration of nine months in any twelve months on a Seasonal Work Visa.

After the expiry of this period, the third country national shall leave the territory of Malta.

Malta Seasonal Work Visa Cost

The Cost of the Malta Seasonal Work Permit application is:

  • Single Work Permit Fee: €280.50
  • National Long Stay (D) Visa Fee: 100

Processing Time for Malta Seasonal Work Visa

The processing time for a Malta single work permit is typically 2-3 months

Malta Seasonal Work Visa Requirements

To obtain a Malta Single Work permit for a Seasonal Work Visa:

Malta Seasonal Work Visa Process 2023 (Explained)

  1. Get a Job offer from the Maltese Employer
  2. Apply for the Malta Single Work Permit Online via link Single Permit – Article
  3. Pay the Application Fee for the Work Permit.
  4. If the work permit has been approved.
  5. Book an Appointment at the Malta Embassy.
  6. Submit the documents, and pay the Visa application Fee for the Malta National Visa.
  7. If your Visa is approved, you can travel to Malta.

Websites to Find Job Opportunities in Malta

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Acceptance Rate of Malta Work Visa

Malta is a growing EU Country and has gained popularity because of their Residency programs such as the Digital Nomad Visa, and Startup Visa Program. 78% of Applications were accepted in 2022.

The Residency program allows you to stay for 2 years and can be extended for 3 more years. You can then apply for the Permanent Residency in Malta.

I have written about this in my previous post Malta Digital Nomad Visa 2023 and Malta Work Visa Process 2023.

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