The seasonal sector is quite popular in Portugal during the peak season. Portugal’s seasonal worker visa is for the citizens of the non-EU countries. To work in seasonal employment you must have a valid seasonal work visa or a temporary stay visa for seasonal work. You can apply for a short-stay visa (to work for 90 days or less) or a temporary-stay visa (for up to 9 months in 12 months).

To apply for the Portugal seasonal work visa you must have a valid contract offer from a Portuguese employer. These jobs are typically for unskilled or semi-skilled labor. It is not mandatory to have high-class educational requirements. Subordinate seasonal work can provide valuable income and work experience for foreign workers. More details about the application process for the Portugal seasonal work visa are given below.

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About Portugal Seasonal Worker Visa

  • Host Country: Portugal
  • Stay Duration: 90 days, or 9 months
  • Type of Activity: Seasonal work

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Sectors where you can work

These sectors include:

  • Agriculture, including livestock, hunting, forestry, fishing
  • Hospitality, restaurants
  • Food and liquor industries
  • Wholesale and retail commerce
  • Construction
  • Land transport.

Who can Apply for the Portuguese Seasonal Work Visa?

  • The Portugal Seasonal Worker Visa is open to applicants from non-EU citizens.
  • If you are living in Europe, but are not an EU Citizen then you can also apply.

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Required Documents from the applicant if (Stay is SHORTER or up to 90 Days)

  • Visa application form.
  • A passport or additional valid travel document
  • Passport photograph
  • A return ticket
  • A valid travel insurance
  • A work contract or valid work offer for seasonal work purposes mentioning the employer name, company name, type of profession, duration of stay, salary, and paid vacation.
  • Accommodation can also be provided by the employer, in compliance with existing legal requirements.
  • Proof of sufficient financial resources.

Required Documents if (Stay is LONGER than 90 Days)

You will be issued a Temporary stay visa for seasonal work which will be valid for one year. You are allowed to work for 9 months.

  • An official visa application form
  • A passport or other travel document
  • Two identical passport photographs
  • Valid travel insurance
  • A form authorizing access to Portuguese criminal records by the Immigration and Border Services (SEF)

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Requirements of a Portugal Seasonal Work Visa

  • You must have a Job offer from the Portugese employer
  • Your employer needs to apply for a Work Permit on your behalf.
  • Submit your visa, along with the work permit as well as other documents to the Portugal Embassy or VFS Global.
  • Passport-size pictures
  • Your employment contract.
  • Clean Criminal record

Note: The list of the document may be changed depending on your nationality. You will get the list of exact documents where you will apply.

How to Apply for the Portugal Seasonal Work Visa?

Once you have a Work Permit, you must apply for a visa by filling out the visa application form for a temporary stay visa or short stay visa.

Locate the nearest Portugal embassy. Check this link where you should lodge your application. Make an appointment. Submit your documents.

  • In most countries, VFS Global Handles the Portugal visa applications. Go to the https://www.vfsglobal.com/en/individuals/index.html
  • Select the country from where you are applying.
  • Then select the destination country for example Portugal.
  • It will take you to the Website.
  • Identify the Visa Type: From there you can identify the Visa type.
  • Select “Seasonal Visa”. 
  • It will list all details, required documents, visa costs, etc.

Visa Cost

  • The general Fee for short stay visa is 80 Euros
  • The general Fee for stay temporary stay visa is 90 Euros

Note: Visa fees may be changed, and varies from country to country.

Some Official Website Links for Portugal Seasonal Worker Visa

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