All nationals from third countries and citizens of non-EU countries are eligible for the Spain seasonal work visa. Spain Seasonal Work Visa 2023 is the best opportunity because it provides accommodation by the employer and travel costs covered by the employer according to the EU Immigration Portal. Some of the most common work includes farming, agriculture, fruit picking, catering, hotel, hospitality, summer camps, ski resorts, as well as babysitting.

Preference will be given to non-EU citizens. The Spain seasonal work visa process is the same as you apply for the Spain Employment Visa. I have written a detailed article on the Spain Work Visa Process 2023. The additional requirement is only accommodation, and travel costs covered by the employer. More details are given below.

Details About Spain Seasonal Work Visa 2023

Spain is a very affordable country. According to the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in 2021 (118,200) work visas were issued to non-EU citizens.

The number of work visas issued by Spain has been increased in recent years. Spain also offers other facilities such as Spain Digital Nomad Visa 2023.

Benefits of Working in Spain as a Seasonal Worker

  • Accommodation is covered by the Employer.
  • Your travel costs are covered by the employer.
  • You undertake to return to your country of origin when the contract is finished.

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Visa Validity and Duration

The Spain seasonal work visa and permits will be valid for nine months per calendar year.

It could be extended for an additional period taking into account the contract length with a maximum of nine months in total.

Which Work Visa You will need to apply for Spain seasonal work?

As the seasonal work visa is longer than 90 days, you will need to apply for the Spanish Long-Term Visa or the Spain National Visa (D Visa). (This is the last step).

All work visas for Spain are initially issued for one year.

Spain Seasonal Work Visa Cost

  • For USA Citizens: €167
  • For Canadians: €100
  • For all other Nationals: €80

Spain Seasonal Work Visa Requirements

To carry out seasonal work in Spain an applicant must obtain:

  • A work Visa and residence permit, and
  • A work Visa and a residence visa.

How to Apply for the Spain Seasonal Work Visa?

Here is a step-by-step application process for the seasonal work Visa in Spain.

Step 1: Get a Job offer from the Spanish Employer, who is willing to invite you for seasonal work.

Step 2: Work and residence permit: Before you apply for the work Visa, your employer must obtain a work permit from the Provincial Aliens Affairs Office.

Step 3: Residence Permit: Once the work permit has been authorized, the residence permit is granted together with the work permit by the Provincial Aliens Affairs Office.

Step 4: Apply for the Spain Long Term (National D) Visa at the Embassy: Once the work permit has been authorized, you must apply for a work and residence visa at the Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence which will allow you to enter Spain to work.

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Fill Online Application for a Spain Seasonal Visa

If you have completed all the four steps above. You need to apply and fill out the Visa application form book an appointment at the Spanish embassy, and submit your passport.

*Note: The Employee Visa and seasonal visa both are the same.

Submit Your Passport

Keep in mind that the Spanish embassy will keep your passport in the embassy. It can take approximately 2 months for application processing.


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