Story Writing For Class 8


1. Two men …one cheerful… no worries… believed all would be well. the other full of worries worried about old age … not able to work no money.. may have to beg… might go blind. wants to know what blindness would be like … walks with eyes shut … does not see purse full of gold … companion spots it … picks up thanks God.


The Result of Worry

Two men were walking along a road together. One of them was a cheerful, happy go-lucky fellow who had no worries. He believed if he worked as well as he could all would turn out well in the future. But the other man always saw the dark side of things. He was worried about what would happen to him in old age when he was not able to work any more. He feared he would be in need of money and perhaps have to beg for a living. He began to fear that he might even go blind in his eyes. To try what blindness would be like, he started walking with his eyes shut. While he was doing this, he missed seeing a purse full of gold coins lying on the road. His companion, who was walking happily along with no worries, spotted the purse and picked it up. He thanked God for taking care of his future!

2. Famine in a city … scarcity of food … hungry children kind nobleman .. invited children put loaves of bread in a huge basket … asked children to take a loaf each children fought and grappled each struggled for the largest loaf… one girl waited aside took the last and smallest loaf thanked the nobleman… at home she cut the loaf found silver pieces . returned to the nobleman’s house … pleased with her honesty … reward for patience and courteous behaviour.

Sweet Is the Fruit of Patience

Once a city was struck by famine. There was acute scarcity of food. The poor children were hungry. A kind nobleman took pity on them and invited them to his home. He put loaves of bread in a large basket and asked the children to take a loaf each. The children rushed to the basket and started fighting with one another. for each one of them wanted to grab the largest loaf. After taking their loaves. they started eating greedily and did not even thank the nobleman. All this time, a little girl stood patiently on one side. At last, she took the last small loaf that was left in the basket. She thanked the nobleman for his generosity and went home. Just as she cut the loaf into two to share it with her mother, she was amazed to find pieces of silver in it. The girl ran back to the nobleman’s house to return the silver pieces. The nobleman smiled and said it was a reward for her patience and courteous nature.