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Study Tutee learner’s score 95%+ marks with flying colours

Study Tutee Learners scored 95 in their exam and passed. With this, the students have established a successful tradition for our company. Study Tutee has grown to be a successful, student-oriented organization. We have made a lot of progress in a short period. The overall objective is to help the students to perform well in their exams and it helps to strengthen the grades of the students from Kindergarten to Class 12. We generate a top score sheet of our students every day.


Here are 5 ways in which Study Tutee becomes a fully functional, academically efficient, and student-oriented enterprise:


With Study Tutee, a student can get good marks in his examination by reading notes for free. It provides comprehensive study material, easy-to-understand, and simplified notes, and specially designed test-taking models to the students.
For an added boost, the notes provided have been made in a very efficient manner. It accurately depicts the chapter of the book. Notes are created by teachers who have expertise in relevant areas which makes them highly reliable and valid.

To have access to all the answers and notes for class 1 to class 12, you can check the following site:

From the mentioned site, you can download the solution in PDF format for free of cost.

NCERT solutions are also available for classes 11 and 12 for the following subjects: Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies, Biology, Accounting, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, and more.


Due to the ongoing pandemic, CBSE has recently made several significant changes such as changing the syllabus along with a few others.
So to keep you informed about the current CBSE updates, we publish articles about the latest news. We make sure that our students stay updated about the amendments made by CBSE every day.
To see the latest blog posts, go ahead


Study tutee learners are constantly provided with exams tips that can help in building a learning strategy.
The published articles have proved to be very helpful as it gives answers to frequently asked questions like managing exam stress, exam writing tips, time management and much more.

Check out the latest blog by clicking on the following link:

How to become a topper in class

How can I reduce stress while studying?

Top 10 best tips to crack your board exam like a topper


Solving sample papers not only boosts confidence but also helps students to analyze their preparation. This significantly affects the performance of the students.
Keeping this importance in mind, we curate highly accurate sample papers that students can download and solve.
Not only sample papers, but we also provide previous papers which provide the students a fair idea of the format of the paper.
Solving sample papers and previous year question papers is very important for the students who aim to score 90+ marks.

Free Urdu book downloads

Study tutee also provides free access to e-books.

Urdu book to download for free:

Visit website:

Go to Tab – Urdu Books

Download the relevant class book.


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Download related class books

Our network aims to uplift the students by providing free study material of all NCERT books, NCERT solutions, leading books (RD Sharma, RS Aggarwal), Urdu books, and Hindi books. It also provides the latest CBSE syllabus, latest sample papers, and other important material which caters to the needs of CBSE students. With these many facilities, any student can score the best scores. The notes help the students to accelerate their performance in their academics and achieve their desired results. Not only this, but the free notes, exam tips, regular updates, NCERT solutions and much more provided here empowers students so that students can achieve their desired goals by performing exceptionally in their academics.

All this makes Study tutee a completely efficient, authentic company that brings out the best from every student!

Study Tutee learner’s score 95%+ marks with flying colours