The UAE Green Visa is a type of residence visa that allows its holder for 5 years to live in UAE without the need for a UAE national or employer to sponsor his/her visa. There are three types of visas for work, which include standard work visas, green visas for work, and domestic worker visas. The UAE standard work visa requires a Job offer from the employer. Green Visa is also divided into two types.

Green Residence for Freelancers (Self-employment), and Green Residence for Skilled employees. UAE Green Visa is an attractive option for skilled professionals, freelancers, and investors who want to live and work in the UAE with more flexibility and independence. The requirements, benefits, and the application process for the UAE Green Visa for work are given below.

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Types of UAE Green Visa

There are two main types of UAE Green Visas:

  • Green Visa for Freelancers and/or self-employed people: This visa is available to freelancers and self-employed individuals who have a valid self-employment permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.
  • Green Visa for Skilled Employees: This visa is available to skilled employees who meet certain criteria, such as having a bachelor’s degree or equivalent and earning a minimum salary of AED 15,000 per month.

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Requirements for Freelancers and/or self-employed people

Freelancers and/or self-employed people who wish to apply for a Green visa need to submit:

  • A freelance/self-employment permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation
  • Proof of a bachelor’s degree or a specialized diploma
  • Evidence of annual income from self-employment for the previous two years amounting to not less than AED 360,000, or proof of financial solvency throughout their stay in the UAE.

Requirements for Green Visa for Skilled Employees

To apply for a Green visa, skilled employees must:

  • Skilled employees, without a sponsor or employer.
  • be classified in the first, second, or third occupational level as per the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation
  • hold a minimum of bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • have a salary of not less than AED 15,000 per month.

Documents Required from Freelancer/Self-Employed

  • A personal photo
  • A copy of the passport, with a validity of not less than 6 months.
  • A self-employed permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

Required Documents from Skilled Employees

  • A personal photo.
  • A copy of the passport, with a validity of not less than 6 months.
  • A permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.
  • An employment contract if the facility is governmental, semi-governmental, or from free zones.

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Benefits of a Green Visa

Here are some of the benefits of applying for a UAE Green Visa:

  • No sponsor required: This is the main advantage of the Green Visa. Unlike traditional residence visas, the Green Visa does not require sponsorship from an employer or family member.
  • Five-year validity: The Green Visa is valid for five years. It has multiple entries.
  • Renewable: The Green Visa can be renewed for an additional five years.

Family Sponsorship

Green Residences holders are allowed to issue residence permits for their first-degree relatives.

Visa Cost

How to Apply for the Green Visa?

For Dubai:

For Federal visit this website for the Green Visa: Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) website: https://icp.gov.ae/en/

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