The UK Health and Care Worker Visa allows medical professionals, nurses, doctors, health professionals, or adult social care workers who want to work in the UK. Health and Caregiver Jobs are the most in-demand professions in the UK. You must receive a Valid Job offer from an approved UK employer. There were around 63,400 companies and organizations registered as licensed sponsors, not just healthcare employers.

According to the gov.uk. Around 121,290 Skilled Workers – Health and Care visas were granted as of June 2023. Another benefit of the UK Health and care visa is fast-tracked entry to the UK, reduced visa fees, and you do not need to pay the healthcare surcharge. Health and care visa holders can also become eligible to apply for UK Permanent residency after five years. Let’s directly check the list of eligible professions., the sponsor list, and the application process.

List of Health and Care Visa Licensed Sponsors

Approved employers are also known as sponsors because they are sponsoring you to come to or stay in the UK.

View the list of approved UK employers. Search for “Health, or care” related companies. (The list has been updated and more companies have been added).

Visa Cost

If you are applying from outside the UK, the Standard application fee for the UK health and care work Visa is:

  • up to 3 years: £284 per person
  • more than 3 years: £551 per person

When you apply for a Visa you’ll usually need to have at least £1,270 available in your bank account so you can support yourself in the UK when you arrive. Check the Minimum Bank Statement Required for UK Visas.

Eligible Occupations and their 4 Digit Codes

You must have a confirmed job offer before you apply for your visa. You can search for your job in the ONS occupation coding tool

4-digit SOC code


Eligible Job Roles

1181 Health services and public health managers and directors
1242 Residential, day, and domiciliary care managers and proprietors
2112 Biological scientists and biochemists
2113 Physical scientists
2211 Medical practitioners
2212 Psychologists
2213 Pharmacists
2214 Ophthalmic opticians
2215 Dental practitioners
2217 Medical radiographers
2218 Podiatrists
2219 Health professionals not elsewhere classified eg audiologists and occupational health advisers
2221 Physiotherapists
2222 Occupational therapists
2223 Speech and language therapists
2229 Therapy professionals not elsewhere classified eg osteopaths and psychotherapists
2231 Nurses
2232 Midwives
2442 Social workers
3111 Laboratory technicians
3213 Paramedics
3216 Dispensing opticians
3217 Pharmaceutical technicians
3218 Medical and dental technicians
3219 Health associate professionals not elsewhere classified
6141 Nursing auxiliaries and assistants
6143 Dental nurses
6145 Care workers & home carers
6146 Senior care workers

Salary Requirements

You’ll usually need to be paid at least £26,200 per year or £10.75 per hour. Please check the salary requirements for a Health and Care Worker Visa.

Knowledge of English

You will usually have to prove that you can speak English. You can check which countries do not need proof of English Language here.

UK Healthcare Worker Visa Requirements

  • You must have a Job offer from the UK Approved Employer.
  • Your certificate of sponsorship reference number – your employer will give you this
  • Valid passport
  • your job’s occupation code
  • Clean criminal record
  • Must be paid according to the UK government
  • Must have enough money in your bank account to support yourself in the first month after arriving in the UK.

How long you can Stay in the UK on a Health and Care Worker Visa?

Your visa can stay for up to 5 years before you need to extend it. After this, you will be eligible to apply to settle permanently in the UK.

How to Apply for the UK Health and Care Worker Visa?

You must apply online from here. It takes weeks if you’re outside the UK for the Visa Decision. Read the detailed overview of the Health and Care Worker Visa from the Government of UK Immigration and Visas.

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