Class 7 Adverbs Exercise

Question 1) Fill in the blanks with the correct degree of adverbs given in the brackets.
  1. I speak English ________ (fluent) now than I did last year.

  2. She greeted me _______ (polite) of all.

  3. After her good result, she smiled _______ (happy) than before.

  4. Rehman writes _______ (well) of all in the class.

  5. Your writing is illegible. Could you write _______ (clear)?

  6. Of all the players in the team, Jal played ________ (skillful).

  7.  She walked _______ (far) today than she did yesterday.

  8. Our team played _______ (bad) of all.

  9. The new teacher talks _______ (gentle) to all her students.

  10. My friend has moved _______ (near) to my house now.

Question 2) Complete the sentences using the correct form of the given adverbs.
  1. That building stands _____________ (tall) than any other building in the city.

  2. She picked up the new born baby _______________ (carefully).

  3. I reached ______________ (early) than usual.

  4. Airplanes can fly _____________ (high) than birds.

  5. Could you please write ________________ (clearly)?

  6. Rajat is working ___________ (hard) than his brother.

  7. The man ate his lunch _______________ (hungrily) as he had missed breakfast. 

  8. This is the ________________  (far) I have ever come from home.

  9. She spoke _____________ (little) in class than she did on the playground. 

  10. They are running as _____________ (fast) as our school team.