Study Tutee

Class 9 Tenses Exercise


Question 1) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs given in the brackets. [Present Indefinite]
  1. She ___________ (go) to her office with a friend.

  2. Why _________ you __________ (like) movies?

  3. My friend _______ (visit) his grandmother every day.

  4. _________ (do) Ritesh ________ (love) the cold weather.

  5. __________ (do) you _________ (plan) to visit Kashmir this year?

  6. We always _________ (have) an early dinner.

  7. His parents _______ (plan) a trip abroad every six months.

  8. Our doctor in the neighbourhood ________ (make) a lot of money.

  9. I ________ (help) my mother sometimes.

  10. Sheetal __________ (come) here every Sunday.

  11. We _______ (eat) rice for dinner every day.

  12. He never ________ (hide) the truth.

  13. Make hay while the sun _________ (shine).

  14. Apples ________ (be) good for health.

  15. The dogs ________ (bark) every night.

  16. You ________ (use) the phone every day.

Answer : 

i) goes    ii) do, like   iii) visits   iv) Does, love

v) Do, plan   vi) have   vii) plan   viii) makes

ix) help   x) comes   xi) eat   xii) hides

xiii) shines   xiv) are   xv) bark   xvi) use


Question 2) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs given in brackets. [Present Continuous]
  1. The CAs _________ (make) a lot of money these days.

  2. Why ______ (be) he _______ (not help) you?

  3. ________ (be) you ________ (come) to my house today?

  4. The band ________ (play) all the old songs.

  5. His parents ________ (visit) him today evening.

  6. Vijay ________ (behave) very foolishly.

  7. By ignoring the traffic signal, they ______ (break) the law.

  8. It _______ (rain) heavily outside.

  9. Our cook _________ (not come) today.

  10. We ________ (face) a lot of problems in our society these days.

  11. The driver ________ (plan) to take off tomorrow.

  12. I ________ (come) to the party tonight.

  13. The children ________ (play) hide and seek in the garden.

  14. The train ________ (run) late.

  15. Today, the sun ________ (shine) bright.

  16. Farmers _________ (plucking) berries from the bushes.

Answer :

i) are making   ii) is, not helping   iii) Are, coming   iv) is playing

v) are visiting   vi) is behaving   vii) are breaking   viii) is raining

ix) is not coming   x) are facing   xi) is planning   xii) am coming

xiii) are playing   xiv) is running   xv) is shining   xvi) are plucking


Question 3) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs given in brackets. [Present Perfect]
  1. The cat _______ (drink) all the milk.

  2. They ________ (not arrive) yet.

  3. She ________ (not qualify) the written test.

  4. We ______ (be) already ________ (see) the movie.

  5. I _________ (think) of inviting all my friends.

  6. My brother _______ (not see) the Red Fort yet.

  7. The teacher _______ (has) just ________ (enter) the class.

  8. Rajeev ________ (stop) learning piano.

  9. The media ________ (has) just ________ (leave) the premises.

  10. My parents ________ (has/have) recently ________ (celebrate) their fifteenth anniversary.

  11. Ramneek ________ (lose) the way.

  12. The robbers ________ (murder) three persons.

  13. The minister _______ (has) already ________ (deliver) his speech.

  14. The Sadhus ________ (chant) the mantras.

  15. Her mother _______ (has) not _______ (rest).

  16. The thief _________ (run away).

Answer : 

i) has drunk   ii) have not arrived   iii) has not qualified   iv) have, seen

v) have thought   vi) has not seen   vii) has, entered   viii) has stopped

ix) has, left   x) have, celebrated   xi) has lost   xii) have murdered

xiii) has, delivered   xiv) have chanted   xv) has, rested   xvi) has run away



Question 4) Fill in the blanks with the correct from of the verbs given in brackets. [Present Perfect Continuous]
  1. It ______ (rain) since morning.

  2. We ________ (wait) for Rajeev for more than an hour now.

  3. Sheela ______ (practice) badminton for three hours.

  4. This statue ________ (lying) here for ages.

  5. Parul ______ (talk) on the phone for almost one hour.

  6. The court _______ (send) the summons for three weeks.

  7. The teachers ________ (invigilate) ________ for three hours.

  8. These children ________ (suffer) from this allergy for the past one year.

  9. I _________ (clean) the classroom since morning.

  10. My mother ________ (visit) temples for two weeks now.

  11. This playground _________ (lying) in disuse for the past three months.

  12. The man in the next room ________ (sing) since 6 o’ clock in the morning.

  13. I can’t sleep in her room any more. She _______ (snore) all through.

  14. Saheb’s family ________ (wait) at the bus stop since 8 a.m.

  15. The patient ________ (sneeze) non-stop.

  16. The bikers _________ (race) since the afternoon.

Answer :

i) has been raining   ii) have been waiting   iii) has been practicing

iv) has been lying   v) has been talking   vi) has been sending

vii) have been invigilating   viii) have been suffering 

ix) have been cleaning   x) has been visiting   xi) has been lying

xii) has been singing   xiii) has been snoring   xiv) has been waiting

xv) has been sneezing   xvi) have been racing



Question 5) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs given in brackets. [Past Indefinite]
  1. We __________ (eat) chocolates as desert in the party.

  2. Kalpana Chawla ________ (join) NASA as an astronaut.

  3. Rowdy students ________ (break) the furniture of the school last week.

  4. I _______ (live) in the hostel for five years.

  5. Sheela’s younger brother _________ (finish) his homework in the morning.

  6. The teacher ________ (give) a prize to the topper.

  7. The dignitaries _________ (welcome) the guests.

  8. The driver of the car ________ (apply) the brakes.

  9. We ________ (go) to a restaurant for dinner.

  10. A massive fire ________ (break) out in the building yesterday.

  11. The educationists _________ (plan) the syllabus as per the guidelines.

  12. Twenty five jawans ________ (die) in the avalanche.

  13. My father ________ (buy) an expensive SUV a few days back.

  14. The waiter _________ (clear) the tables after dinner.

  15. He never ________ (lose) sight of the goal.

  16. The train _________ (shake) violently before getting derailed.

Answer :

i) ate    ii) joined    iii) broke    iv) lived

v) finished    vi) gave    vii) welcomed   viii) applied

ix) went    x) broke    xi) planned    xii) died

xiii) bought    xiv) cleared    xv) lost    xvi) shook


Question 6) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs given in brackets. [Past Continuous]
  1. She ________ (watch) a movie on television in her bedroom.

  2. The thief ________ (break) the lock when he was caught.

  3. Seema _________ (cook) when the guests entered.

  4. What _________ (be) you _________ (do) at the railway station?

  5. ____________ (be) he __________ (listen) to the shlokas at the temple?

  6. Prem ________ (play) the instrument when his tutor came.

  7. I __________ (be) busy ________ (wash) clothes when my friend came.

  8. The phone _________ (ring) when the watchman was sleeping.

  9. When I went to my friends’ place, they _______ (sleep).

  10. The girl _________ (drown) when the boatmen saw her.

  11. Why ________ (be) you _______ (jump) on the road?

  12. The Principal __________ (give away) prizes when the dance troupe came.

  13. Where __________ (be) you _______ (go) when your mother spotted you?

  14. Why ________ (be) she not _________ (wear) her raincoat when it was raining outside?

  15. They ________ (have) their breakfast when the power went off.

  16. The children __________ (not pay) attention in the class.

Answer :

i) was watching    ii) was breaking   iii) was cooking     iv) were, doing

v) Was, listening   vi) was playing   vii) was, washing   viii) was ringing

ix) were sleeping   x) was drowning   xi) were, jumping   xii) was giving away

xiii) were, going   xiv) was, wearing   xv) were having    xvi) were not paying


Question 7) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs given in brackets. [Past Perfect]
  1. Why _________ (has/have) you _______ (not catch) the thief earlier?

  2. The king ________ (leave) before the prince came.

  3. My mother ________ (finish) her chores before everybody woke up.

  4. The waiter __________ (serve) the coffee after everyone finished their meals.

  5. _________ (has/have) you ________ (make) it in time, you would have got the job?

  6. We ________ (go) to Manali before the summer approached.

  7. When they ________ (enter) the room, the music started.

  8. My friend __________ (purchase) the tickets before the distribution closed.

  9. Where ______ (has) you _______ (go) when I called you up yesterday.

  10. The doctor _______ (instruct) the nurses to take special care of the old patients.

  11. The bus driver ________ (leave) the bus before it met with an accident.

  12.  In my childhood, my father would take me to places that I _______ (has/have) not _______ (visit).

  13. The culprit _________ (has) been ________(thrash) before the police arrived.

  14. __________ (has/have) he not _________ (work) hard, he would have failed.

  15. Where _______ (have) you ________ (disappear) when there was a party yesterday?

  16. The children _________ (have pluck) all the flowers before the arrival of the gardener.

Answer :

i) had, not caught   ii) had left   iii) had finished   iv) had served  

v) Had, made   vi) had gone   vii) had entered   viii) had purchased

ix) had, gone   x) had instructed   xi) had left    xii) had, visited

xiii) had, thrashed   xiv) had, worked   xv) had, disappeared   xvi) had plucked


Question 8) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs given in brackets. [Past Perfect Continuous]
  1. Sita _________ (has) been _______ (sit) at the computers for five hours when the bell rang.

  2. The doctors ________ (has) been __________ (attend) to the patients when they heard noises outside.

  3. The labourers _________ (has) been __________ (dig) the site when the wall came off.

  4. Poorvi __________ (watch) the television when the earthquake came.

  5. Parents ________ (attend) the counseling session when the electricity went off.

  6. The secretary ________ (look) at the files since morning when the fire alarm rang.

  7. He ________ (play) guitar for almost five hours when his tutor came.

  8. Children ________ (splash) water in the pool for over three hours.

  9. Parents ________ (worry) about their sick son all day.

  10. The typist _________ (manage) her work since a long time.

  11.  Children _________ (play) in the garden since dawn.

  12. The car driver _________ (speed) for quite some time.

  13. The grandmother _______ (sit) in the sun for an hour.

  14. The child _________ (sleep) in the Verandah for three hours.

  15. It ________ (rain) cats and dogs since morning.

  16. Why _______ (has) he not ________ (study) geography in school for so many days?

Answer :

i) had been sitting   ii) had been attending   iii) had been digging

iv) had been watching   v) had been attending   vi) had been looking

vii) had been playing   viii) had been splashing   ix) had been worrying

x) had been managing   xi) had been playing   xii) had been speeding

xiii) had been sitting   xiv) had been sleeping   xv) had been raining

xvi) had, been studying



Question 9) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs given in brackets. [Future Indefinite]
  1. Mumbai Indians Team ________ (play) against Pune Supergiants on Thursday.

  2. I ________ (leave) for Kolkata next week.

  3. The children _________ (go) for picnic tomorrow.

  4. The prizes ________ (be) distributed after the exams.

  5. _________ we place the order?

  6. Why _________ (he tell) a lie?

  7. My father _________ (buy) the lottery ticket in the evening.

  8. I __________ (not eat) my dinner tonight.

  9. She ________ (recite) the poem in her school.

  10. Ramesh __________ (resolve) the issue.

  11. Poorvi ________ (attend) the wedding next Sunday.

  12. My parents ________ (visit) the shrine tomorrow.

  13. You _________ (receive) your books through courier.

  14. I _________ (not visit) the doctor today.

  15. Prerna _________ (tie) Rakhee to her stepbrother also.

  16. Raju ________ (finish) his work by noon.

Answer :

i) will play   ii) shall leave   iii) will go   iv) will be

v) Shall   vi) will he tell   vii) will buy   viii) will not eat

ix) will recite   x) will/shall resolve   xi) will attend   xii) shall visit

xiii) shall receive   xiv) will not visit   xv) will tie   xvi) will finish


Question 10) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs given in brackets. [Future Continuous]
  1. She _________ (help) her mother in the kitchen.

  2. The organizers _________ (introduce) the guests at the function.

  3. The florist __________ (deliver) the bouquet by afternoon.

  4. Sunita _________ (do) her homework shortly.

  5. I ________ (watch) the match tonight.

  6. My parents ________ (arrive) by the morning flight tomorrow.

  7. India ________ (soon compete) with the super powers.

  8. He ________ (turn) eighteen next month.

  9. The officials __________(visit) the school in the morning.

  10. She is vomiting. She ________ (fall) sick anytime.

  11. Gopal __________ (drive) all the way to Kanpur.

  12. My brother _________ (leave) for his foreign assignment in a day or two.

  13. When _________ you be _____________ (participate) in the competition?

  14. I _________ (wait) for you downstairs.

  15. The movie __________ (releasing) next Friday.

  16. The principal _________ (address) a group of parents on Saturday.

Answer :

i) will be helping   ii) will be introducing   iii) will be delivering

iv) will be doing   v) will be watching   vi) will be arriving

vii) will soon be competing   viii) will be turning   ix) will be visiting

x) will be falling   xi) will be driving   xii) shall be leaving

xiii) will, participating   xiv) shall be waiting   xv) will be releasing

xvi) will be addressing


Question 11) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs given in brackets. [Future Perfect]
  1. I ________ (decide) to leave by tomorrow morning.

  2. She ________ (finish) her cooking by the time I reach her place.

  3. The thieves _________ (steal) the money by the time the police arrives.

  4. My younger sister _________ not __________ (go) to p[lay before I reach.

  5. By next week, he ________ (quit) his job.

  6. In coming years, doctors _________ (discover) a cure for cancer.

  7. The tournament _________ (begin) by then.

  8. In another ten years, bullet trains ___________ (become) a common sight.

  9. The judge _________ (pass) the judgement by afternoon.

  10. The minster _________ (visit) the shrine by 6 o’ clock.

  11. The train ________ (reach) the station by the time we reach.

  12. The doctors ___________ (perform) the operation seeing the condition of the patient.

  13.   The priest _________ (finish) the prayers before more people gathered at the church.

  14. The lioness _________ (attack) its prey to feed its cubs.

  15. He _________ (return) the book by tomorrow morning.

  16. The king ________ (visit) the palace before the arrival of the enemies.

Answer :

i) shall have decided   ii) will have finished   iii) shall have stolen

iv) will not have gone   v) will have quit   vi) will have discovered

vii) will have begun   viii) will have become   ix) will have passed

x) will have visited   xi) will have reached   xii) will have performed

xiii) shall have finished   xiv) will have attacked   xv) will have returned

xvi) will have visited


Question 12) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs given in brackets. [Future Perfect Continuous]
  1. I ________ (revise) my syllabus by the end of the term.

  2. He ________ (play) with his friends for nearly 3 hours.

  3. The labourers _________ (dig) the pit for close to five hours.

  4. Shyam ________ (reach) by evening time.

  5. The postman _________ (deliver) the parcel next week.

  6. _________ (will) you ________ (run) the marathon tomorrow morning for six hours?

  7. We ________ (see) the ‘London Bridge’ by tonight.

  8. I _________ (do) the shopping for almost the entire day.

  9. You ________ (celebrate) your anniversary tomorrow.

  10. Tomorrow, at this time we ________ (drive) to Haridwar for three hours.

  11. My mother __________ (prepare) for a party next week this time.

  12. When you meet me next, I ________ (complete) my research shortly.

  13. He ________ (play) chess with his friend tomorrow.

  14. The sun __________ (set) by the time we finish our work.

  15. We _________ (shop) in Mumbai tomorrow, when you reach here.

  16. My uncle _________ (cover) the distance to Nainital before we reach there.

Answer :

i) shall have been revising   ii) will have been playing

iii) shall have been digging   iv) will, have been reaching

v) will have been delivering   vi) will, have been running

vii) will have been seeing   viii) shall have been doing

ix) will have been celebrating   x) shall have been driving

xi) will have been preparing   xii) shall have been completing

xiii) will have been playing   xiv) will have been setting

xv) will have been shopping   xvi) will have been converting

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