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Verbs Exercise For Class 9

Class 9 Verbs Exercise

Question 1) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs given in brackets.
  • Once when I (a) _________ (cross) the road, I (b) __________ (see) a small boy who (c) _________ (look) quite lost. I (d) _________ (ask) him the name of his parents but he (e) _________ (can) not answer. After waiting for a little while, I (f) _________ (bring) him home and (g) ___________ (feed) him.
Answer :

a) was crossing  b) saw  c) looked  d) asked  e) could  f) brought  g) fed


  • I (a) __________ (feel) very sorry to see the pathetic condition of the slums. Children (b) _________ (be) shabbily dressed and were running all over the place. A small girl (c) ______ (eat) a banana. She (d) _________ (get) it from her father. Her father (e) _______ (be) a poor labourer. Her mother always (f) ________ (remain) sick.
Answer :

a) felt  b) were  c) was eating  d) had got  e) was  f) remained


  • As per the prediction of the Met. Department, it (a) ________ (rain) tomorrow. On hearing this, the farmers (b) __________ (start) dancing. There (c) ________ (be) no rains in their area for a long time. this weather prediction (d) __________ (make) everybody happy.
Answer :

a) will rain  b) started  c) had been  d) made


  • Seema, my classmate is (a) _________ (celebrate) her birthday tomorrow. I (b) _________ (want) to gift her a science puzzle but (c) ________ (not know) where to buy it from. I (d) _________ (will/shall) ask my father in the evening when he (e) _________ (return) home from work.
Answer :

a) celebrating  b) want  c) do not know  d) shall  e) returns


  • It’s a bright afternoon. The sun (a) _________ (shine) in the sky. the children (b) __________ (play) in the garden where there (c) ________ (be) lots of plants. Squirrels (d) _________ (nibble) at the small pieces of food. The place (e) _________ (be) buzzing with activity. We (f) _________ (be) all very happy and enjoying the place.
Answer :

a) is shining  b) are playing  c) are  d) are nibbling  e) is  f) are


  • Two children (a) __________ (be) playing in the backyard of their house when they (b) _________ (spot) a tiger cub. Mistaking it for a big cat, they (c) _________ (bring) it home and (d) _________ (hide) it. When their parents (e) ____________ (come back) in the evening, they (f) _________ (decide) that they (g) ________ (will/shall) not disclose the presence of the big cat to their parents.
Answer :

a) were  b) spotted  c) brought  d) hid  e) came back  f) decided  g) would


  • The students (a) _________ (organize) a rally to bring awareness among the locals regarding pollution. Many junior students also (b) _______ (join) it. They (c) ____________ (stage) a street play which (d) __________ (appreciate) by one and all. All the activities (e) _________ (be) very successful. These (f) __________ (be aim) to bring about awareness among people.
Answer :

a) have organized  b) joined  c) staged  d) was appreciated  e) were  f) were aimed


  • We all (a) __________ (need) change as it (b) __________ (refresh) and (c) _________ (relax) our minds. Schools and colleges too give long holidays to students to (d) __________ (rejuvenate) themselves. Holidays (e) ________ (be) a welcome change. In our country, we (f) _________ (be) number of holidays, on account of religious and national festivals.
Answer :

a) need  b) refreshes  c) relaxes  d) rejuvenate  e) are  f) have


  • An old couple (a) _________ (cross) the road when a speeding truck (b) _________ (hit) them from behind. The old man (c) _________ (fly) into the air while the woman (d) _________ (lie) bleeding on the ground. People (e) _________ (gather) and (f) _________ (take) them to hospital where they (g) _________ (declare) brought dead.
Answer :

was crossing  b) hit  c) was flung  d) was lying  e) gathered  f) took   g) were declared


  • Romila (a) _________ (go) to a hotel to celebrate her birthday in the evening. Many guests (b) _________ (invite). Her father (c) _________ (buy) a new dress for her and the mother (d) _________  (order) a chocolate cake. Today she (e) _________ (turn) sixteen. She remembers that last year, she (f) _________ (gift) a bicycle by her parents.
Answer :

went  b) were invited  c) bought  d) ordered  e) turns / turned  f) was gifted 


  • What (a) _________ (do) you do if there (b) _________ (be) nobody to receive you at the railway station? (c) _________ (Will/Shall) you take a cab on your own or (d) _________ (will/shall) you wait there? You (e) _________ (not carry) much luggage but the one bag that you (f) _________ (be) is quite heavy.
Answer :

a) do    b) is     c) will    d) will    e) are not carrying     f) have


  • Rosy (a) _________ (fall) sick, so her mother (b) _________ (take) her to a nearby doctor said, “You (c) _________ (must) take the medicines regularly and (d) _________ (drink) lots of fluid.” Rosy (e) _________ (not pay) much attention to the doctor’s words which (f) _________ (make) him scold her.
Answer :

a) had fallen    b) took    c) must   d) drink   e) did not pay   f) made