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CBSE Class 2 Syllabus

CBSE Class 2 syllabus is provided here in a simple pattern. We have provided the entire Syllabus of 2nd standard. Class 2 is one of the most important primary class with no expectation. In this class, students learn basic concepts. The concept of this NCERT Syllabus is designed for class 2 students in recognized methods.

Students will get much help by this CBSE Board syllabus to score higher in their exams. Here at Study Tutee, the students can download the syllabus for free as PDF format. Here Students can learn better and can make their base strong. Check out more study material for class 2.

Syllabus of 2nd standard is available here in a less complicated manner. In this syllabus, students will get fun and activity-based exercises which will increase their interest in studies more.

With this NCERT Syllabus, students can develop their skills and can be more active in the class. At Study Tutee, we have provided the syllabus in understandable language.

All the questions are solved by our teachers in easy language. With the help of this syllabus, students can make their scores higher in the class.

 We have also provided some other online learning material that you can check at our official website.  It will help the students of class 2 to clear all their doubts and easily understand the chapters. 


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Syllabus Of [Class 2] English

·    Unit 1: 1 First Day at School

·    Unit 1: 2. Haldi’s Adventure

·    Unit 2: 1. I am Lucky!

·    Unit 2: 2. I Want

·    Unit 3: 1. A Smile

·    Unit 3: 2. The Wind and the Sun

·   Unit 4: 1. Rain

·   Unit 4: 2. Storm in the Garden

·   Unit 5: 1. Zoo Manners

·   Unit 5: 2. Funny Bunny

·   Unit 6: 1. Mr. Nobody

·   Unit 6: 2. Curly locks and the
Three Bears

·   Unit 7: 1. On My Blackboard I
can Draw

·   Unit 7: 2. Make it Shorter

·    Unit 8: 1. I am the Music Man

·    Unit 8: 2. The Mumbai Musicians

·    Unit 9: 1. Granny Granny Please
Comb my Hair

·    Unit 9: 2. The Magic Porridge

·    Unit 10: 1. Strange Talk

·    Unit 10: 2. The Grasshopper and the Ant

Syllabus of [Class 2] Hindi

·    पाठ 1: ऊँट चला

·    पाठ 2: भालू ने खेली फुटबॉल

·    पाठ 3: म्याऊँ, म्याऊँ !!

·    पाठ 4: अधिक बलवान कौन?

·    पाठ 5: दोस्त की मदद

·    पाठ 6: बहुत हुआ

·    पाठ 7: मेरी किताब

·    पाठ 8: तितली और कली

·    पाठ 9: बुलबुल

·    पाठ 10: मीठी सारंगी

·    पाठ 11: टेसू राजा बीच

Syllabus of [Class 2] Maths


·    Shapes and Spatial Understanding

·     3-D and 2-D shapes


·     Addition and Subtraction

·    Preparation for Multiplication And Division

·    Mental Arithmetic



·    Length

·    Weight

·    Capacity (Volume)

·    Time

Data Handling.   


CBSE Class 2 Syllabus

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