NCERT Solutions from Class 1 to 12 have been designed by our subject experts to provide 100% accurate and easy solutions to your problems.  Here, at Study Tutee, we provide, you with 100% accurate and easy solutions chapter-wise for every class.  These CBSE NCERT Solutions explain all the problems in a detailed and easy manner. The language used in these solutions have kept as simple as possible so, that every student can understand, it with no difficulty.

Our NCERT solutions cover primary grade, classes 1,2,3,4,5 as well as secondary and higher secondary, classes 6,7,8,9,10,11, and 12.  We have also provided PDFs for the NCERT Solutions for all classes, which you can download for free from the links given below.

NCERT Solutions  for Class 1 
NCERT Solutions  for Class 2 
NCERT Solutions  for Class 3 
NCERT Solutions  for Class 4 
NCERT Solutions  for Class 5 
NCERT Solutions  for Class 6 
NCERT Solutions  for Class 7 
NCERT Solutions  for Class 8 
NCERT Solutions  for Class 9 
NCERT Solutions  for Class 10 
NCERT Solutions  for Class 11 
NCERT Solutions  for Class 12

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