Class 7 Sentences Exercise

Question 1) Rearrange the following words to make meaningful sentences. Add the correct punctuation where needed.
  1. is/ planet/ warmer/ the/ getting

  2. population/ increasing/ world/ the/ is

  3. international/ English/ language/ is/ an

  4. peace/ without/ progress/ cannot/ we/ have

  5. celebrate/ Republic/ we/ great/ Day/ with/ pomp/ show/ and/ the

  6. like/ you/do/ to/ go/ the/ movies

  7. leather/ made/ is/ of/ bag/ this

  8. Tennis/ Tanya/ good/ is/ at

Question 2) Rearrange the following words to form meaningful imperative sentences. Also punctuate them properly.
  1. to/ forget/ fasten/ don’t/ seat belt/ your

  2. more/ let/ try/ him/ once

  3. jack/ the/ from/ my/ car/ kit/ repair/ get

  4. yourself/ to / have/ time/ some

  5. tell/ your/ do/ progress/ about/ me

  6. about/ confident/ point/ be/ view/ of/ your