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Class 5 Study Material | CBSE Board

Study Tutee gives student notes for CBSE reading which are prepared in the right way for the students so that they can read them by understanding them and can give their exams effectively. These notes have been made by expert people for CBSE subjects. Online CBSE notes are very useful for all the students and it also has Books, Sample Papers, Questions Papers, NCERT Solutions, Important Questions, and NCERT Questions. Students can prepare well for their exam with these notes which are available in the Study Tutee.

It is very important for primary education students as it strengthens the foundation in higher education.

Study Material for class 5 for all subjects in a less complicated manner. Study Tutee grants CBSE study materials for learners which are designed in an attractive, engaging, and student-friendly way so that they can study by a more interactive and easily understandable method and prepare for their examinations more efficiently.

We have provided the entire material in an easy pattern here. Students can get the study material for free to download as PDF format.

We have provided the following material which is given below:

·       NCERT Books

·       NCERT Solutions

·       CBSE Syllabus

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NCERT Book  
NCERT Solutions 
Sample Paper
CBSE Syllabus

·   NCERT Books

NCERT Books are very good books for class 5 students, for more knowledge and preparation for exams, you can download notes from the Study Tutee website. NCERT Books notes for Class 5 students are designed according to the new text and topics arranged by CBSE Lessons.
Notes of Books have been made by Study Tutee which is written in very easy and work-related English.

·   NCERT Solutions

NCERT Books notes are perfect for class 5 students. All the books of this class are available on Study Tutee which helps the students to get the complete CBSE syllabus covered. Class 5 students must use these notes while preparing for the exams.
All the links given on the Study Tutee are 100% correct and the notes of all the lessons have been prepared based on CBSE Syllabus. The notes of the books have been made by expert people of the subjects who have years of experience.

        ·   CBSE Syllabus

CBSE Class 5 Syllabus for all subjects has been written on this website is a very easy language. The complete syllabus of class 5 is available on this website. The NCERT Syllabus has been designed very thoughtfully for the students of class 5.

Advantages of downloading study material from Study Tutee:

On the Study Tutee website, all the students can download the notes of all the subjects for free.