Class 1 English NCERT Books

Given that English is one of India’s official languages, students ought to be able to speak it rather well. Because of this, the NCERT Class 1 English Book PDF is specifically made to give primary school students all the assistance they need to learn the language.

Multiple language acquisition is simple for kids. Through thoughtfully crafted activity-based exercises and well-planned chapters, NCERT Books for Class 1 English help students achieve this goal.

Additionally, teachers prefer the Class 1 English Book NCERT because it offers recommendations and advice on how to help teachers help students learn languages.

English reading and communication skills should be taught to students from an early age. Students should be proficient in English because it is both one of India’s official languages and a language that is spoken all over the world. This will help them feel comfortable and at home wherever they travel.

English literature is covered in detail in the NCERT Books for Class 1 English, covering prose, poetry, and theatre. The best aspect is that these books can be downloaded in PDF format for free, making them readily available to everyone. The NCERT Books assist students succeed in their English exams by enhancing their language proficiency and critical thinking skills. From the links provided in the table below, you may download the NCERT Book for Class 1 English for free.

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NCERT Book Class 1 – Part 1 English Marigold Textbook

NCERT Book Class 1 – Part 2 English