Singapore Passport is now the most powerful passport in the world. Singapore’s Passport has left behind Japan’s Passport and now the Singaporean passport ranks #1 in the World. It is time to keep an eye on Singapore and find employment opportunities there. In this post, I will tell you about the Singapore Employment Pass Requirements 2023. A highly developed country, with high salaries located in Asia and accessible to everyone easily.

In order to work in Singapore as a foreign worker you will need an Employment Pass. A Singapore work visa is known as a Pass. There are different types of Singapore Work Visa. To obtain a Singapore pass it depend on son your skill level that which kind of Singapore Employment Visa you will need. In Singapore, there are many Officially Approved employment agencies that hire foreign workers. You will find everything in this post.

Singapore Employment Pass Requirements 2023 – All You Need to Know

Are you considering working in Singapore? Discover the latest Singapore Employment Pass requirements for 2023. Learn about eligibility criteria, necessary documents, and the types of Singapore Work Visas.

All foreigners who intend to work in Singapore must have a valid pass (commonly known as a work visa) before they start work.

Types of Singapore Work Visas

The Singapore Work visas are divided into:

  • Singapore work visas for professionals.
  • Singapore work visas for skilled and semi-skilled workers.

Singapore Work Visas for Professionals

  • Employment Pass: This Pass is for high professionals such as managers, executives, or any higher position. The minimum salary should be $5,000 a month ($ = Singaporean Dollar).
  • EntrePass: This pass is for foreign entrepreneurs who want to run and start a business in Singapore.

Singapore Work Visa for Skilled and semi-skilled workers

S Type: The Singapore S Type Pass is the most popular work visa. This pass is for medium-skilled workers. Candidates need to earn at least $3,000 a month.

Singapore Work Permit for the migrant worker: This pass is for semi-skilled migrant workers in the construction, manufacturing, marine shipyard, process, or services sector.

Work Permit for migrant domestic workers: This pass is for only people from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Thailand. (Age 20-50 years).

How you can apply for the Singapore Employment Pass in 2023?

To get a Singapore employment pass you will need to apply online. You will first need to find a Job from a Singapore employer agency.

Your employment agency is in charge of handling your Singapore work visa application. Your employer will apply for a Work Visa for you.

List of Singapore Employment Agencies

You can use online services to find employment agencies in Singapore. These agencies are able to hire foreign workers.

The Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has a directory of employment agencies.


Processing time

When applying online, the Singapore work permit processing time typically takes 7 working days.

How to get a Singapore Work Visa?

The application process typically takes the following steps.

  • Find a Job in Singapore. Look for Job opportunities in Singapore from online job sites.
  • You can also contact the Singapore recruitment agencies.
  • Your employer will apply for a work permit for you online. The work Pass will be issued online in 4 days.

Source: https://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permits

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