Class 7 Subject-Verb Agreement Exerise

Question 1) Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.
  1. Either the boys or their mother________ care of the garden. (take)

  2. Either Deepak or Shefali _______ going to make the announcement.(be)

  3. Nobody________ me with my homework. (help)

  4. ________ somebody put the books back on the shelf? (have)

  5. Neither the youngsters nor the grown-ups_______ willing to end the party. (be)

  6. When waiting for a friend, each minute_______ like a day. (feel)

  7. After the programme, each participant _________ awarded a certificate. (be)  

  8. Many a child _______ to be like his or her parents. (want)

  9. Each boy and girl _______ willing to attend the lecture. (be)

  10. I asked if anybody _______ the book. (have)

  11. The landlord or the tenants’ _______ access to that area. (have)

  12. Neither of them ________ a chance of winning against her. (stand)

Question 2) Fill in the blanks with the correct option-
  1. Each of the boys __________ (is/are) correct.

  2. None of the books __________ (is/are) available.

  3. Moni and her brother _______ (has/have) watched the film.

  4. Either Dhoni or Kohli ________ (is/are) going to captain in the team tomorrow.

  5. The standard meal of roti, rice, vegetables and dal ________ (is/are) available at the mess for lunch.

  6. Rs 20,000 __________ (is/are) the price of this computer.

  7. Neither my brother nor my parents ________ (know/knows) about my grade card.

  8. Mrs. Samuels, along with the rest of the neighbors, ________ (was/were) waiting to hear about the commotion last night.

  9. Most of the pie _________ (has/have) already been eaten.

  10. Some of the jury members __________ (is/are) in a meeting right now.

  11. Nothing _________ (is/are) worth losing sleep over.

  12. A team of scientists ___________ (is/are) visiting the laboratory.

  13. The right pair of shoes _________ (is/are) all you need to complete your outfit.

  14. American Gods __________ (is/are) a book by Neil Gaiman that has been adapted for television.

  15. Where ___________ (is/are) my new pair of spectacles?