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Editing And Omission Class 10

Editing And Omission Class 10 Page 2

CBSE Board


In the passages given below, one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing Word along with the word that comes before and the word that comes after it in your answer sheet. Ensure that the word that forms your answer is underlined. The first one has been done as an example.


“All your charity does not measure to the

ounce of flour                                                                       (a) _______ _______ _______

given by a Poor Brahmin,                                                    (b) _______ _______ _______

who though he starving, fed his guest”.                           (c) _______ _______ _______  

These words were spoken the virtuous                           (d) _______ _______ _______  

Pandava emperor, Yudhisthira. 


True charity doesn’t mean giving lot of money,               (a) _______ _______ _______  

gold silver. It means a lot of                                                (b) _______ _______ _______    

sacrifice the part of the donor.                                           (c) _______ _______ _______

It is not done to show off wealth or power.                      (d) _______ _______ _______


A bicycle gets punctured when thorn                                (a) _______ _______ _______  

or a nail runs into its tube. Puncture                                  (b) _______ _______ _______

needs to repaired. First of all,                                              (c) _______ _______ _______

the tube taken out of the tyre and inflated.                       (d) _______ _______ _______ 


Everyone wishes to healthy                                              e.g.    to         be        healthy

but not are ready to                                                                (a) _______ _______ _______

work in direction.                                                                    (b) _______ _______ _______  

It takes a lot discipline                                                           (c) _______ _______ _______

to maintain regular and                                                          (d) _______ _______ _______  

a strict regimen. Most the                                                     (e) _______ _______ _______

people, come up excuses.                                                     (f) _______ _______ _______ 


I am so fond watching                                                        e.g.    fond       of      watching

cricket. I have always sports                                                 (a) _______ _______ _______ 

and till it remains my passion.                                              (b) _______ _______ _______ 

My father against my joining                                                 (c) _______  _______ _______ 

sports academy. My sports                                                   (d) _______  _______ _______

player is Dhoni. There is a                                                      (e) _______  _______ _______

film made on his life journey.                                                 (f) _______  _______ _______


“The Room On the Roof” is excellent                                 e.g.     is      an     excellent

novel written Ruskin Bond.                                                     (a) _______   _______ _______     

It is a beautiful of writing                                                        (b) _______  _______ _______

that reflects explorations and                                                (c) _______  _______ _______

new discoveries the adolescents world.                              (d) _______   _______ _______ 

The main character, boy named                                             (e) _______  _______ _______

`Rusty’ is in search of identity                                                 (f) _______  _______ _______


The rains this have created havoc                                      e.g.   this       year       have

all over. In Delhi, there is rise                                                 (a) _______  _______ _______

in cases dengue, typhoid, chikunguniya                              (b) _______  _______ _______

etc. A panic situation arisen.                                                 (c) _______  _______ _______ 

These diseases serious illnesses.                                        (d) _______  _______ _______

People have to empowered with                                           (e) _______  _______ _______ 

awareness to ensure that diseases                                      (f) _______  _______ _______

are prevented. 


A man who met an accident.                                                e.g.   met      with      an  

lying bleeding on the road                                                      (a) _______  _______ _______   

The police came took                                                             (b) _______  _______ _______ 

him to hospital.                                                                        (c) _______  _______ _______

Chances the injured man                                                       (d) _______  _______ _______  

surviving very little.                                                                 (e) _______  _______ _______



(a) measure lip to 

(b) given away by

(c) he was starving

(d) spoken to the



(a) giving a lot  

(b) gold or silver  

(c) sacrifice on the

(d) off your wealth


(a) when a thorn

(b) tube. The puncture

(c) to be repaired

(d) tube is taken



(a) not all are

(b) in that direction

(c) lot of discipline

(d) maintain a regular

(e) most of the 

(f) up with excuses


(a) always loved sports

(b) till today it

(c) father was against

(d) my favourite sports

(e) player is Dhoni

(f) film being made


(a) written by Ruskin 

(b) beautiful piece of   

(c) reflects many explorations

(d) discoveries of the

(e) character a boy 

(f) of his identity


(a) is a rise  

(b) cases of dengue

(c) situation has arisen

(d) diseases cause serious

(e) to be empowered

(f) that these diseases


(a) X  was  lying

(b) came  and  took  

(c) to  the  hospital

(d) chances  of  the

(e) surviving  looked/seemed  very

Editing And Omission Class 10 Page 2

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