Message Writing For Class 9

Message Writing For Class 9

Vikas: Hello ?

Vinay: Vinay here. Is that Arjun ?

Vikas: Sorry, he’s out. I’m his brother.

Vinay: Would you please take a message ?

Vikas: Certainly

Vinay: He borrowed my calculator yesterday. I’d like to have it back this afternoon. Please tell him I need it urgently.

Vikas: OK. I’ll pass on the message.

Vinay: Thank you.

Vinay has to go out and will not be back before his brother returns.

Therefore he writes Vinay’s message on a piece of paper and puts it on the desk. The message is as follows:

16 March

3.20 p.m.

For Arjun

Vinay has phoned to ask you to return his calculator this afternoon. He needs it urgently.